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AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is about to get dragged through the mud by the left-wing media who think he’s trying to incite a mob to show up at the homes of liberal Supreme Court justices. That’s not what’s going on here. He asked a simple question. It’s one that isn’t shocking. It’s part of the decades-old game of ‘guess the party’ regarding the explicit differences in media coverage concerning conservative and liberal activists. 


“Can you imagine the media outrage if protestors were outside Justice Sotomayor’s house?” he tweeted. I could imagine. Federal agents would have cleared the streets, arrests would have been made, and the media would go on a weeks-long tangent about how these protestors were white supremacists or something. Yet, that’s moot. Why? Because left-wing pro-aborts are already gathering outside of the homes of conservative Supreme Court jurists. They’ve actually been taken to secure locations because left-wing mobs are forming at their residences. 

This all stems from the Dobbs case. The Court is primed to overturn Roe v. Wade based on an authenticated leaked draft of the opinion. An investigation into who leaked it is underway. It’s always the Left who goes ballistic. It’s the Left who during the Trump presidency touted the need to protect institutions. Now, the leaker, who is a heinous person, is being hailed as a hero, with pro-aborts camping outside of the justices’ homes, calling for the Supreme Court to be dissolved and other nonsensical chants. 

Someone mentioned this on Twitter, though I can’t seem to find it. This person probably deleted it but why do we kowtow to the rules of the Left? We’re not going to win that way. I totally agree that pro-life protestors should show up at the homes of the liberal wing of the Court if this is how liberal America wants to play. We are ceding the battlefield a little here. Being the better man doesn’t work anymore. The irony is our side would be peaceful. The Left has been going crazy since this draft opinion leaked, with the Biden White House silent on the calls for violence against the Court. It’s been deafening. When they finally commented, it was way too late. Also, what is Jen Psaki saying again here:


I’ve always thought the rule was that we don’t endorse or encourage political terrorism, but today’s Democratic Party seems to be all about it. Careful what kind of precedent you’re setting here fellas. It can be easily re-directed, and I won’t be one of those people condemning it either. These are your rules. Learn to live by them. 

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