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AP Photo/John Locher

The Democrats failed to legislate abortion. Spencer wrote about how Senate Democrats’ push went down the tubes rather quickly. They don’t have the votes. This push was bound to fail. It’s akin to taking a final exam without studying or even attending a class for an entire semester. For Democrats on abortion, they’ve gone on a five-decade vacation on abortion rights when they should have used Roe v. Wade to codify this heinous procedure into law if that was the goal. I’m looking at this through the abortion rights lens here. There is no constitutional right to abortion. There is nothing about abortion in the Constitution. It doesn’t prohibit it. It’s left to democratic choice. Democrats decided to let judges with lifetime appointments protect abortion rights seemingly unaware that we’re mortal. Judges either die or retire and presidential elections have a funny way of shaping the court. 

Now, Democrats are scrambling as a draft of the opinion in the Dobbs case points to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. All the Left’s abortion extremism will now have to be legislated—and it’s all unpopular. It also doesn’t help that all the Democrats’ abortion people are cold-blooded, snobby, and unhinged. They relish baby killing. How does that poll with voters?

When the bill to “codify Roe” was brought before the Senate, it’s no wonder why it failed. For starters, it wiped out restrictions that even Roe permitted. Ben Domenech of The Transom and co-founder of The Federalist wrote about the lie behind the “codify Roe” push yesterday. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) also had another ‘trail of tears' moment where she again called for the abolition of the filibuster because she feels the minority shouldn’t be able to block what the majority wants to do or something. Yeah, did you see the vote count? Lizzy can’t do the math. The bill failed on a 51-49 vote. That’s 50-plus one which I believe is a majority, a majority that didn’t want to go along with this baby-killing circus.  Second, there is no majority in the Senate. It’s a 50-50 Senate, Ms. Cheekbones. 

Others pointed out Warren’s bad math skills as well. Mob rule via transient majorities is also something the Founders sought to curtail which is why we have all these legislative mechanisms to slow down the pace of government. Safety is valued over efficiency in the Constitution. As George Will pre-2016 noted, it’s why we have things like a veto, veto override, supermajorities, and judicial review. It’s all meant to slow down the government’s pace. You can’t always get what you want, Liz. Deal with it. 

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