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AP Photo/Mark Duncan

We have an inflation crisis. We have an energy crisis as gas prices are through the roof. We have a mess in Ukraine. Afghanistan was a disaster. Joe Biden has not shut down COVID. He jumbled the messaging on vaccines. He’s all over the place. There’s a microchip shortage as well. Cars, washing machines, dryers, and yes—military equipment all could see massive slowdowns in production. Joe Biden doesn’t know this. He’s too stupid and slow. Every crisis his administration has faced, he’s bungled. How many committees and task forces have been set up? How many have resolved an issue? None. The incompetence is astounding. He’d rather have his Department of Homeland Security and his Department of Justice create a disinformation secret police because that’s really pressing right now, and a tree hugger Gestapo. It’s not disinformation that’s hurting you, Joe. It’s you. You. Suck.


So, how will you handle this next domestic crisis that will also impact working families on the home front? We’re seeing a baby formula shortage. There’s no strategic reserve you can abuse to save your skin on this one (via Fox Business):

Parents of infants across the U.S. are taking to social media pleading for media coverage and political action while posting pictures of empty store shelves, as the country's baby formula shortage continues to get worse.


Fox News Digital spoke to a Michigan mom with young kids who said her last usual Amazon order for formula was delayed and ultimately canceled on Thursday, so she quickly went out and was frustrated to discover there was no formula to be found in at least four major stores in her area.

The New York mother of a newborn told FOX Business her infant lost a lot of weight following birth, so she and her husband had to supplement the baby's diet with formula because she could not produce enough breast milk to keep up.

"When we ran to the local Target one day to get some [formula] just days after she was born, the shelves were completely empty," the new mom said. "My heart literally sank."

"Luckily she doesn't need any special formula and I was able to order online, but not everyone has been as lucky," she explained. "Our neighbor said her family member can't find the sensitive type of formula for their newborn who has stomach issues anywhere. They're in a panic daily not knowing if they'll be able to feed their newborn tomorrow or the day after; my heart breaks for those parents."


FOX 29 reported that analysis from retail data firm Datasembly shows that 40%-50% of major formula brands were sold out last week in 26 states. The states hit hardest were Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas, where the highest out-of-stock rate in the nation is in San Antonio at 56%.


Babies could be getting hungry. Not that Democrats really care because their base loves to kill babies. There will be a delay with all this because the Left is going bananas over the leaked Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs case that will overturn Roe v. Wade. You can’t be seen talking about saving babies from hunger when your side is having meltdowns over not being able to kill them with ease. Also, Joe Biden needs a good 4-to-9 hours for the gears to kick in which usually involves him remembering that he’s alive, breathing, and the president. 

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