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And by perfection, I mean did this guy just awaken from a deep sleep? Was it a coma? You cannot be this dense. If this is a serious take, the liberal media bubble is more detached than ever. Facts and rationale cannot break through, which is how you get these braindead commentaries over Elon Musk buying Twitter.


It's happening. The board accepted his $43 billion offer to purchase the company. It’s going back to being a private entity. Musk is offering $54.20 per share. The liberals are triggered. The woke employees are going nuts. And the liberal journalists working for billionaire-owned media companies are speed writing pieces about the dangers of the super-rich…owning media platforms. The lack of self-awareness is appalling. 

‘Billionaires shouldn’t be in control of such powerful tools of information’ is going to be something I read in the billionaire-owned Washington Post. Amazon’s newspaper would like to warn you about the perils of rich guys owning media companies. 

Back to MSNBC, Ari Melber warned about the power these platforms yield, from decreasing the reach of some posts and increasing it for others, to shadow banning whole slates of politicians from the opposite party. Oh, and you don’t even have to be transparent. All of this probably won’t be discovered until after the election, he added. 


It's almost laughable. It comes off as a parody. We know, dude. We know about the power and the bias within these platforms. Welcome to the party, pal.

It’s not like we haven’t written or railed about this for years. The only difference is that we’ve pinched one of the pipes shut in this bias machine that only benefits the Left in Big Tech. It’s a big piece too. It’s Twitter. And it will soon be ours. It’s our time. And if you want to switch gears and now be ‘oh no, these platforms are too powerful,’ then be our guest. This is America. You can do that, but you’re going to all look like this—total and complete idiots. The Left benefitted from this umbrella of protection for years. Now, we’ve shredded it. The gravy train will soon be stopped. The era of total left-wing domination of social media is coming to an end. Deal with it. 


Also, here are some more reactions to Musk’s purchase. These people are having mental breakdowns left and right. 

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