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Oh, Of Course, 'The View' Had This Take Regarding Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover

Paula Lobo/ABC via AP

Okay, I don’t watch this Godforsaken show, but the clips showcase the inner workings of the ‘woke white woman’ contingent that is the Democratic Party’s base for 2022. You can always count on ABC’s The View to offer garbage takes. It’s unending. It’s pretty much the seventh circle of hell because who thinks like this, right? I think many liberals nod at the segments on this show which would make anyone who is normal reach for a barf bag. Whoop Goldberg got suspended for her abysmal take on The Holocaust, saying it wasn’t about race. Someone skipped history class. Now, we have Sunny Hostin saying Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was for straight white dudes (via NY Post):


“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin said she dreads Elon Musk taking over Twitter, claiming it would benefit “predominantly straight white men” who are on the social-media platform.

“When Elon Musk says, ‘Wow, this is about free speech,’ it seems to me that this is about free speech of straight white men, so let them have it,” Hostin told her “View” co-hosts on Tuesday.

“Let them just go at it.”

Hostin added: “I think Twitter can be a really horrible place, and I think people are excited because he is sort of going to unleash the trolls, right?”

“I think he is saying, ‘You get to say whatever you want. I’m going to take away the guardrails.’ And for me, that is something that is a bit scary.”

Hostin cited a statistic according to which 38% of women on Twitter have been “on the receiving end of abuse.” 

Hostin added that her favorite feature on Twitter is the “block button.” She bemoaned the fact that Twitter “has an outsize influence in our world because politicians and celebrities are on it.”


Just let it out, ladies. Let it out, liberals. When you’re done, Elon Musk will still own Twitter. It’s done. And no, Joy Behar, liberals don’t like free speech. You cancel people over the most idiotic reasons. You think words are violence. You’re more concerned about feelings over facts and support illiberal means to keep those feelings from getting hurt. Your side has lost its marbles on free speech. The irrational fear of people with differing views is quite astounding. 

‘What do you mean you’re against a five-year-old getting reassignment surgery.’ Yeah, a lot of people are because it’s child abuse. J.K. Rowling has been canceled because she believes that men and women…exist. The Left’s symbol of Trump resistance had to be trashed because Rowling, who is very left-wing, is not at all on board with calling biological males…women. She’s pro-science. She was torched for being pro-science. 

The Left’s anti-free speech antics, abusive behavior, and all-around strangeness have led to scores of people fleeing to the GOP. There has been a near-30-point swing with college-educated men alone. In 2018, this was a D+16 voter bloc. That’s what happens when your side comes off as bizarre, gross, and extreme. 


Here’s some free advice, left-wingers. Maybe the whole destigmatizing pedophilia initiative is a horrible idea, an illegal one. Whoever thought that the public would accept child rape is smoking crack like Hunter Biden. 

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