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AP Photo/ Andrew Harnik

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is leaving Congress. He’s a vocal Donald Trump critic. He will fight Trumpism whenever he can, it would seem. And he will do that by totally running away from Washington next year. It cuts both ways. Moderates in the Democratic Party are doing the same. They rail against the partisanship gripping Congress so what do they do? They leave. No spine whatsoever. Evan Bayh, Olympia Snowe, and now Adam Kinzinger—the heat was just too much so they left the kitchen. Rep. Liz Cheney (R (D?)-WY) may be on her way out in a primary. She has to hope that Democrats in her state can bail her out as the GOP base is through with her. The last vestiges of the anti-Trump wing in the House could be swept away by January 2023. Yet, Kinzinger could probably just leave…now. 


After this tweet about nuclear weapons, he’s certainly acting like he’s leaving. With no re-election campaign, the man is just doling out braindead tweets about nukes.

I think not starting World War III has been a great foreign policy goal for the nuclear powers of the world. Mr. Kinzinger seems to find that view annoying as he wants to start a war with Russia. He’s Mr. No-fly Zone, which would mean war. We would have to conduct airstrikes on anti-aircraft batteries in Belarus and Russia. Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), a Democrat, knows better here which is saying something. 

“If we let nukes prevent us from action then expect literally every country to try to get nukes in next few years,” he wrote. 

Dude. No. 

“Literally,” this is not going to happen. Who wrote this? Not every country can develop nuclear weapons, but that’s beside the point. This ‘so be it’ attitude regarding an armed conflict between nuclear-armed powers could lead to the end of civilization as we know it. Is that what we want…over Ukraine? I hope Russia is defeated in Ukraine. I do. It’s a dream scenario as the core of Russia’s military will suffer a setback that can last decades. One can dream, but we’re not deploying troops. We’re not going to assassinate Vladimir Putin. We’re not going to use chemical weapons if Russia uses them first. We’re not going to have a no-fly zone. So, with this lust for war dashes, maybe Kinzinger can just leave Congress before his term expires. It’ll save us a headache, that’s for sure.


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