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Just take the “L,” guys. Liberals seem to think that they have a shot to have a successful midterm season. They don’t unless the GOP decides to go gung-ho on this awful idea to have immigration reform talks with Democrats after the April break. Let’s leave that out for now. Joe Biden is slow, stupid, and weak—but he’s also been sort of the best thing to happen to the GOP as of late given the shifts in the political winds. The only demographic that is still somewhat Democrat-leaning are college-educated women. Everyone else is flocking to the GOP. College-educated men have seen a 26-point swing towards the GOP. It was D-plus 16 in 2018. It’s now R-plus 10 in 2022. As Tom Elliott of Grabien noted, the Democratic Party is one of young, woke white women.


So, you know what that means right? It means Democrats and Joe Biden specifically must cancel all student debt. If they do that, it will energize the 18-30 demographic which was key in the 2018 midterms. Yeah, okay—that’s just not going to happen. First, Democrats don’t have the votes. Second, Democrats don’t have the votes. And third, Democrats don’t have the votes. This is an election year—no one is doing this stuff, especially with a president as unpopular as Biden. With Build Back Better totally dead and never coming back, Biden blew his ‘I’m a dealmaker card’ with congressional Democrats. They don’t trust him. He promised to deliver Joe Manchin and failed, screwing over the moderate wing of his party which rolled the dice on the more extreme aspects of this legislation only to have this effort get derailed; their names are now tied to this bill for the cycle. 


Also, of all voter blocs, young people are the most unreliable. The 2018 elections were eons ago in political time. You can’t bank on that turnout. Also, if you think that those in Generation X, or any family that has done things the right way, do not have an opinion about this that doesn’t hurt Democrats—you’re insane. Generations of Americans who have been able to obtain a higher education degree have worked through school and paid off their loans. We’re just going to offer a college loan bailout for the most privileged in the country because they whine about how little they’re being paid post-college. Too bad. Most don’t make six figures out of the gate. Second, that goes double if you focus on ‘woke’ degrees. 

Trumpism would get a shot of adrenaline if this were to go through. Commentary’s Noah Rothman warned about this when Fake Indian Liz Warren campaigned on canceling student debt in 2020. It will do nothing to reduce the cost of a college education as well. James Carville, the architect for Bill Clinton’s 1992 win, also noted that no one wants to hear this stuff


Welcome to America, kids. The land where you need to work and work hard

Canceling student debt will lead to a good year for Democrats. That’s hilarious—truly. 

The Democrats are going to be drowning in Republican votes come November. 

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