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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

This has to be a joke, right? It’s been a banner week for the liberal media. We have reporters admitting that the Hunter Biden story is real. We have reporters being exposed for being quasi-Democratic Party operatives, which is nothing new. And we have reporters just admitting why they buried the Hunter Biden story. You could probably guess what their reasoning was at the time. Oh, and CNN’s Brian Stelter was absolutely wrecked by a college freshman who read the network’s long list of crimes against humanity at the University of Chicago’s Institute for Politics summit on…disinformation and the erosion of democracy. Yeah, someone thought CNN would be a good network to find panel speakers. 


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is finally leaving. It’s about time. No one lasts this long at that position. It’s time to cash in and get a nice private sector job where she’ll get paid 20x what she is now. She probably hung around because her deputies are dumpster fires at the podium, but she’s gone this Spring except it’s no fat cat job. It’s with the media. It’s with MSNBC. So, in many ways, she’s not leaving the Biden White House at all. 

Will she get a bigger paycheck? Oh, for sure—she’ll be the richest propaganda mouthpiece for this administration; a homegrown ‘Tokyo Rose.’ And get this—staffers at NBC News are worried her hire could taint the network. Yeah, you cannot make this up. NBC News, one of the stalwarts of the liberal media establishment, is worried that Psaki could stain their pristine reputation for impartial news. Is everyone snorting cocaine over there, or bath salts (via NY Post):


NBC News staffers are reportedly upset by the network’s decision to hire White House secretary Jen Psaki for MSNBC — fearing her appointment could tarnish the brand.

Disgruntled DC bureau workers complained to their bosses that the high-profile hire could taint their credibility, CNN reported.

The concern forced the Peacock network’s president, Noah Oppenheim, to make an impromptu phone call to the worried bureau Friday, distancing NBC News from MSNBC.

Oppenheim, who does not oversee MSNBC, assured the team that NBC News did not play a role in Psaki’s appointment, the outlet said.

“Here’s what he was saying: They have perspective programming. This was done on the perspective programming side. Not anything that reflects on NBC News,” one of the staffers who was on the call told CNN.

Your brand was already tainted, fellas. We knew your true colors. The only difference here is that we know we’re biased. You know what you’re getting from Townhall. We don’t have this veneer that we’re impartial. You people seem to think you’ve been peddling pieces from the olden times of Brinkley and Huntley. Those days are gone. You’re a Democrat network filled with liberal Democrat staffers. Psaki is a perfect fit in that regard. 


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