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Oh, So That's How Critical Race Theory Creeps Into Our Schools

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, was asked questions about this yesterday. Critical Race Theory is historical revisionism that’s marketed as a legitimate field of study. It’s historical illiteracy. It’s academic fraud. 


It has made scores of liberal parents in the suburbs pay attention to what is going on in their schools. Their kids were coming home spouting off about whiteness, white supremacy, and other nonsensical left-wing action items. How does this happen? Well, school boards are not exciting races. With local media evaporating, it’s harder to keep tabs on the insanity that happens during these meetings, even though it’s all out there for the public to see. The Left saw the backdoor was open and took the initiative. They did this years ago. Now, we’re all racing to catch up and shut the door to this deluge of leftism and Marxist brainwashing. 

James Lindsay had a great thread about how this nonsense gets inside our schools. Using a Pennsylvania high school as an example, he obtained screenshots of a math problem that’s been retooled through the CRT machine. He also drew a historical comparison to what’s going on, citing Paulo Freire, a Brazilian Marxist educator, and religious figure, who sought to brainwash the masses under the guise of increasing literacy. 


Look, as I noted previously, I was never a big culture warrior. I lean social libertarian, except on the issue of abortion. These issues, though important to the base, are just not the subjects that get me animated. I’m not for debauchery everywhere. I do believe that marriage and a strong family serves as a key social component to a stable life which is why it should be incentivized through our tax code. But again, I’m low-grade intensity. This ‘woke’ education nonsense has forced me to unsheathe my katana because this is abject insanity. Forget the ‘all white people are evil’ aspect, we have teachers saying parents have no rights, they’re going to make their kids trans, and they’re not going to tell how they’re mentally playing with the minds of young children about gender. This is school, not some freak show. 


I want math, science, social studies, AP courses, foreign language, and English classes that are instructed based on the curriculum that isn’t soaked in transgenderism, gender fluidity, and other insane ‘woke’ items that are peddled by this circus. 

Oh, FFS:

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