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AP Photo/Misha Japaridze, File

What is in the water over there at MSNBC? Were they the recipients of Joe Biden’s free crack pipe spree? These segments make me wonder. 

Last Friday, Michael McFaul, Obama’s former ambassador to Russia, had the hot take for this current war in Ukraine. Essentially, he said that Hitler was not as bad as Vladimir Putin because the former didn’t kill ethnic Germans. That’s quite a take, sir. So, gay Germans, the disabled, the mentally impaired, and German Jews were not killed by the Nazis in their concentration camps or through their T4 program. 


McFaul later apologized, but the damage is done. This is what happens when you don’t know history, and the left is known for its historical illiteracy. We also had other clowns declare that Hitler never used chemical weapons. What is going on? 

These takes are just wrong on its face. It’s insane, actually. It’s detached from reality, which explains MSNBC so well. 

Since 2016, the network has peddled the Steele Dossier as fact. It wasn’t. It was actually heavily saturated with Russian disinformation. The Kremlin knew the American left would eat it up, and they were right. If there was any collusion, it was between Moscow, the Democrats, and the liberal media, albeit the latter two parties were simply too unaware that they were being played. 


When you pop crazy pills daily for the past five years, don’t be shocked if these incidents happen on live television. And these people are supposedly the ones who claim to know everything. They don’t even know Hitler was a heinous human being. 

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