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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Once again, we see that Kamala Harris is totally unqualified to be vice president. You already knew that, but we have yet another item to add to this list. She offered a word salad regarding the sanctions against Russia, which has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Were US sanctions a deterrent or not? Half of the Biden administration seems to think so, the other half not so much. It’s yet another crisis that this administration cannot handle. We’ve placed more sanctions on US energy production than that of Russia. We’ve admitted that the new tranche of sanctions isn’t aimed to hurt the flow of the world’s energy supply. So, we’re admitting that they’re useless. Anyway, I digress.


Here's how Harris described the war:

“So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically, that’s wrong.”

Why yes, madame vice president. What the hell is going on here? These are the adults? This a return to norms. This is the person who we’ll trust with the nuclear arsenal should anything happen to Joe Biden. Also, Ukraine is not a small country, but whatever. This makes you almost think that Harris didn’t know where Ukraine was on the map. Second, it circles back to the many, many reports that Harris simply doesn’t read the reports her staff prepare for her about…everything. You’d think with a war going on, Harris would actually try and do the job. I guess she decided to take a pass. 


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