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Mikhail Metzel, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

We cannot escape it. Even when a war breaks out, we have the COVID clowns trying to keep the circus in town. We already had some liberals commenting on Ukraine’s COVID vaccination rate and cheering those seeking shelter in the subways of Kyiv for wearing masks as Russian bombs were falling. Seriously? A bomb will kill you immediately. COVID has a 99-plus percent survival rate. Get a grip. Even FEMA’s campaign about readiness for a nuclear attack has a paragraph noting that those who are not from your household should wear a mask and keep six feet apart. Nukes are falling in this scenario. People won’t give a baker’s you-know-what. 


And now we have an insane theory that Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine because he’s suffering from ‘long COVID.’ I’m not kidding. Have people been asleep for years because I feel like I’m taking crazy pills? Putin, the ex-KGB operative, has wanted to rebuild as much of the Soviet Union as he can. Ukraine is a big part of that. The annexation of Crimea in 2014 was the start. This has been his long game for years. COVID is not the reason for this invasion of Ukraine. This is psycho talk—truly. 


There is no COVID connection, not every world event is influenced by the virus. The pandemic is over. This insane theory wasn’t just a liberal media or academia talking point. Fox News even repeated it. 

Putin did not spark a war because he has ‘long COVID.’ Just stop. And the people making this point are the ones who mock actual conspiracy theory sites like Alex Jones’ InfoWars. Guys, this is no better, just more polished. It’s nuts. Plain and simple. 

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