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The people of Ukraine defending their homeland with a tenacity that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not expect. He’s not pleased with the lack of progress in his military accomplishing their objectives. It’s been a slow roll, to say the least. There are reports of supply line issues that are quite dire for the Russian military as their tanks are starting to run out of gas. The capital of Kyiv has remained firmly in Ukrainian hands after enduring hellacious assaults by Russian forces. 


Kharkiv, another major city, also fended off a Russian assault last night. The Ukrainian capital is virtually surrounded and was thought to be a location that could fall into Russian hands within days. Not the case. As Ukrainians take up arms, make Molotov cocktails, and do whatever they to ward off their Russian attackers, some in the liberal sphere are just unable to grasp reality. We’re all cheering the Ukrainian people’s resolve as they are out-matched militarily. They’re enduring the bombings. They’re the bravest people on the planet. Yet, again, we have liberals noting…how responsible they are in adhering to COVID protocols. No, I’m not kidding.  

When bombs are falling and you could die, I highly doubt a virus with a 99-plus percent survival rate is what’s on the minds of these besieged people.


“Look at them, wearing masks, because they aren’t delicate snowflakes like U.S. conservatives,” wrote Markos Moulitsas of The Daily Kos, a left-wing publication. 

Again, liberals can’t redirect the snowflake attack because they’re just too stupid. Getting angry when a soy boy lefty sets an American flag on fire or cheers on the deaths of cops is upsetting and ridiculous. Throwing a tantrum over proper pronoun use is not upsetting. It’s a fake issue and a sign of mental illness. See the difference? At any rate, these are the people we must share a country with—and it gets more nauseating by the day. Disease does play a part in wars, sure. That’s not what’s going on here. This is the culmination of the long game Moscow has played with its neighbors for a decade-plus. COVID didn’t start this war. It wasn’t about vaccination rates either, who cares about any of that right now in this instance. Here is the clearest example of why Democrats will get their clocks cleaned this midterm season. They can’t govern. Their base has its priorities in all the wrong areas. 


Bombs are falling. There’s a major invasion. But let’s talk about Ukraine’s COVID vaccination rate. Welcome to the clown show. 

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