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Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

Did I take a hit of Hunter Biden’s crack pipe? What is happening? This is the second time I’ve agreed with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). How could this be? I never thought I would agree with Omar on anything, but here we are again.  


As the first COVID vaccine rollouts were commencing, Omar took a shot at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her own party for getting vaccinated first before the elderly and frontline aid workers. Now, she’s defending those who donated to Canada’s Freedom Convoy. The site that was giving these freedom fighters donation money was hacked. The list of donors is now exposed (via Reuters): 

A website devoted to disseminating leaked data says it was given reams of information about donors to a Canadian movement opposed to pandemic health measures after a fundraising platform popular with supporters of the group allegedly suffered a hack.

Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoS) said on its website late on Sunday that it had 30 megabytes of donor information from the U.S.-based Christian fundraising site GiveSendGo, including names, email addresses, ZIP codes and internet protocol addresses.

The funding of the Canadian protests has emerged as a key point of interest as authorities in Ottawa and elsewhere try to get a grip on rallies led by truckers that have been blockading cities and border crossings across Canada with demands that include the deposition of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In an email on Monday, a GiveSendGo spokesperson said that the site was still soliciting donations to the "Freedom Convoy 2022" campaign and that donations were not being refunded. The spokesperson did not immediately comment on the hack itself.


Of course, the media attacked these people. It’s what they do to people they hate. Omar wasn’t having any of it, noting what is the journalistic venture here. I 100 percent agree with the Minnesota Democrat, which is like fire coming out of my mouth right now (via Daily Caller): 

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar defended a shop owner who made a donation to the Freedom Convoy in Canada, saying journalists should not be reporting on and putting the names out there of people who made “insignificant” donations.

Omar sent out a tweet in response to an editor at the Ottawa Citizen/Sun who shared a report about Stella Luna Gelato Cafe in Ottawa, which had to close down Tuesday after receiving continued threats, the outlet reported. The owner Tammy Giuliani’s name was on the list of GiveSendGo donors to the Freedom Convoy which was made public after a Sunday hacking.


Yes, we agree, congresswoman. It still doesn’t mean I find your anti-Semitism any less deplorable, along with your appalling remarks about the 9/11 attacks. You seem to be a notch or two away from being a full-blown sympathizer with radical Islamic terrorists. There are many questions still surrounding your marriages. And your political views and the agenda you back is outright garbage, but on this—we agree. 

Also, this is the guy who supposedly hacked GiveSendGo. 

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