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Here's the Reaction from Nevada School Kids When It Was Announced the Mask Mandates Are Over

AP Photo/Denis Poroy

Is it a good video? Yes. Is it a funny video? Sure. Yet, it’s also a bit dark given that what these kids are celebrating is an end to a months-long campaign of abuse at the hands of adults. We have this video from Courtney Holland showing how school kids in Nevada reacted when it was announced the mask mandate was being trashed. The celebrations from these kids were through the roof. There was jumping and shouting. One kid was flossing like ‘backpack kid,’ it was great. It was as if the school announced that homework was forever canceled, recess will be 4 hours long every day, and ice cream will be served every other day. Jump for joy, kiddos. 


It didn’t have to be this way. As you already know, in the time of COVID, it’s great being a kid concerning protection. Children rarely contract the virus. If they do, the symptoms are mild. Do not believe the so-called experts who have inflated the hospitalization numbers all to hell about COVID, kids, and now Omicron. No, Omicron is not deadly in children. That’s a lie. That may be the ‘big lie’ of COVID, I don’t know. And masking was not necessary. It was to demonstrate government control. In Europe, which was all about the total lockdowns during the pandemic, they didn’t mask their school kids for a very simple reason: science didn’t support it. Here, the CDC and other quacks wanted to psychologically and emotionally damage kids. This is how the government gets its rocks off. 


The N95 mandates that came from some school boards during the Omicron spike were also not supported by science. In fact, two scientists analyzed the data and found the risks outweighed the benefits. For starters, N95s don’t fit kids’ faces. Even ardent liberals decided to question the mask policy when their kids started to come home with self-portraits showing no nose or mouth

The fallout from this child abuse at the hands of COVID-Karen parents, the CDC, Democrats, their militant allies in medicine, and the media will be staggering in the years to come. Why are the kids messed up? It’s because of the Democratic Party. 

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