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There’s that saying don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s mostly true except when it comes to the Left. They wear everything on their sleeve. You can judge. You already know what they’re going to do or say because they’re all the same. There are no differing talking points. It’s all the same agenda. And nothing is more predictable than the Left’s hatred of white people. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, or not, I don’t know. They’re obsessed with white people—that is a fact. And they have an incessant need to lecture white people about the dark moments of our history. The funny part is that the people most gung-ho about this ‘shove in your face, white folk’ mentality is coming from…other whites—specifically urban-based college-educated liberals. 


So, when you see the trailer for ‘Everything’s Going to be All White’ for Showtime, the two-minute trailer gives away the whole plot of the series. It’s a bunch of hyper-left-wing academics, comics, and other people nobody knows ranting about white people. everything you’ve seen on CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal outlets has been compiled in this series. 

The monuments are racist. Every white person is a secret neo-Confederate neo-Nazi, alt-right racist who wants to kill all nonwhites. All white people, even those born today, are responsible for racism. 

We should bulldoze historical sites and put a ‘TCBY Yogurt’ establishment in its place because that’s something we can all be behind. Hell no. 

Native Americans get in on the action. From the trailer, some dude says that white folks are afraid of such events like the end of the world. This series will surely highlight whites have brought about this event to native peoples many times before. 

Oh, and if we don’t agree with this series, we’re just ignorant. 

Look, I’m nonwhite—and I couldn’t care less about how a bunch of Native American tribes got wiped out. Sorry, there’s only so much RAM in my head. And if this is meant to serve as an insightful and educational endeavor, it’s going to miss the mark by several hundred miles. It’s just a bunch of rabid liberals spewing hatred and bigotry about white people because that’s all they can do. they can do that every day, which is a sign of privilege. Most folks have other more important stuff to worry about, like working, paying bills, and not dying than sit around and be abjectly distraught about Wounded Knee 24/7. 


Bash the whites doesn’t seem like a constructive exercise, but that’s not the point as destruction is the hallmark characteristic of modern American liberalism, the destruction of this nation. 

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