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AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace had a segment on this last week, I think. It’s in keeping with the host’s obsession with Trump. Scratch that—it’s really the network’s obsession with Donald Trump. And MSNBC, as a network, is obsessed with the former president because liberal America cannot let him go. While glad he’s gone, Biden outright sucks, and this could have been the second term of a Hillary Clinton presidency that was never going to happen. Still, that fantasy of President Hillary is what keeps the Left up at night. What could they have done differently? It’s immaterial since Trump nuked that dream. The Russian collusion delusion is still there. It’s the ‘long COVID’ for liberals in the political sense. They may never get their senses back on that one. 


The January 6 Select Committee which is aimed to convict Trump of inciting an insurrection isn’t doing anything. They’ve got nothing but a bunch of texts which again the media thought was going to be a bombshell. It wasn’t. In fact, the ones the Democrats peddled out as evidence have been exposed as doctored. It fizzled. With the GOP about to retake the House, this committee could be torpedoed—and it should come 2023. So, where do they go now? it’s the National Archives.

Wallace was fixated on reports that Trump routinely tore up papers that should have been preserved. Now, the National Archives is asking the Department of Justice to investigate what happened. We’ve seen this movie before (via NBC News):

The National Archives and Records Administration has asked the Justice Department to examine whether former President Donald Trump’s handling of White House records violated federal law, two administration officials told NBC News.

One official said it's unclear whether the Justice Department would take up the request, saying it’s all very preliminary. The Washington Post first reported the National Archives’ request.

The Justice Department and the National Archives declined requests for comment. A representative for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The National Archives said Monday that Trump had to return 15 boxes of documents that were improperly taken from the White House.

In mid-January, the National Archives "arranged for the transport from the Trump Mar-a-Lago property in Florida to the National Archives of 15 boxes that contained Presidential records, following discussions with President Trump’s representatives in 2021,” the agency said in a statement.


You know what the Left is going to say. What’s he hiding? Also, they’re going to throw a tantrum since Hillary’s 2016 campaign was partially derailed by her secretive nature and the unsecured and unauthorized email server. This is different. For starters, I highly doubt that there are state secrets in these boxes. Hillary did all her official State Department business through this server that was hacked by foreign sources. Classified information was sent through it. She asked her staff to alter the classification markers on the documents. She smashed multiple electronic devices with hammers. The missing Trump boxes are not even minor league ball compared to what Hillary did with regards to violations of records acts. 

How many times will the Left try and fail to indict Trump on…anything. You will not stop the man from running again should he choose. The Left should focus on finding candidates for the future because, after Biden, that bench looks mighty thin. The 2020 Democratic primaries exposed that brutally that the future of the party is a mile wide, but an inch deep. 

Is this the start of a new witch hunt? Maybe. We’ll see what DOJ decides to do, but I’m expecting the worst from such a corrupt department. 

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