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The CDC Just Hurled More Mask Propaganda

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Should the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention be shot into the sun? I don’t know. It’s not a trustworthy institution anymore—that’s a fact. Everything we know to have been true, the CDC is finally admitting months later. We know that natural immunity is real for those who have recovered from COVID. And we know it provided just as good if not better protection than the vaccine. You would have been suspended from social media platforms for promoting that view not so long ago. The CDC admitted that natural immunity offered six times better protection than the vaccine against the Delta variant. We’ll get to that later today, but back to CDC—they decided to join Dr. Anthony Fauci’s clown circus concerning masks. Alas, why people's trust with this crew is rather abysmal.


Remember Fauci said any face covering will do? That’s not true. Cloth masks don’t do anything Dr. Leana Wen, of all people, told the COVID panic porn audience that’s jacked into CNN daily the same thing over the holidays. They’re decoration and offer next to no protection. On paper, yes—masks do curb the spread, but that’s only if everyone gets a custom-fitted mask to his or her face. That’s not going to happen. Fauci even admitted in his emails that the Chinese-made store-bought surgical masks don’t do anything. Now, the CDC still lists a cloth mask as a viable option. 


Mask mandates have been around for months. And yet, Omicron ripped through the nation much like how gastrointestinal issues arise when someone drinks Mexico’s drinking water. It’s total mayhem. We’ve known this for quite some time about masks. It’s not about public health. It’s about control. 

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