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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Dr. Anthony Fauci is certainly impressed with himself despite doling out abjectly idiotic advice about COVID. It's just as bad as when he said AIDS could be spread through casual contact in the 1980s. He said we shouldn't wear masks, then we should, and finally, "it doesn't matter what you wear as long as your face is covered." 


Well, it does matter. We all know cloth masks don't do anything. Also, the Chinese-made store-bought surgical masks don't work well either; Fauci admitted that in his own emails. Like most over-educated folks, he thinks he's a god. How else would you explain his weird office set-up where he has bobbleheads and paintings of himself everywhere? Someone pointed this out in a scene from Fauci, the documentary which is available on Disney-Plus (via NY Post): 

A peek inside Dr. Anthony Fauci’s home office reveals he’s surrounded by images of himself — including his own bobblehead and a life-size portrait on the wall.

The glimpse into the nation’s top infectious disease expert’s workspace started making the rounds on social media Wednesday after an eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed the images of Fauci.

The footage of President Biden’s chief medical adviser first appeared in the “Fauci” documentary released in September last year.

In the documentary, Fauci, 81, can be seen sitting at his computer typing what appears to be an email as a canvas print of his likeness looms over him.

A framed photo of what appears to be Fauci’s face can also be seen perched on a bookshelf behind him.

Fauci also said that New York did COVID right. Really? I thought slowing the spread was the original goal. New York allowed it to spread like a brushfire and killed thousands of the state's elderly in the process. If it were up to Fauci, we would probably be welded shut in our homes. Masks will be forever, and everyone would have to be vaccinated. It would be a door-to-door effort even though the vaccine doesn't prevent infection or transmission. Omicron blew that narrative to bits. He's a public figure now, and he's rightfully being attacked for his terrible record. He's not happy about it. When someone says, "When you attack me, you're attacking science," you know you're getting to him. 


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has been an ace in getting under Fauci's skin, especially since the NIH appears to have funded the gain-of-function research that led to the virus escaping from a lab in Wuhan, China.

It's the Fauci virus, right? He has plenty of paintings of himself to commemorate the event, at least.

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