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The Key Passage of the NYT's Article About Omicron That Should Quell Everyone's Nerves

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Everyone is going to get COVID. The chances of that are high with this new variant. Omicron is here. It’s spreading like a brush fire—and it’s mild as hell. That’s a good thing. Don’t listen to these panic porn peddlers who talk about ‘long COVID’ as if everyone gets such a thing during recovery. Some do—that’s tough. But ‘some people getting long COVID’ does not warrant the panic we’re seeing right now from blue state dwellers. That’s the irony here. These people took every word of science fiction from Anthony Fauci as gospel. They got the vaccine which I also think everyone should do. The difference is this is America. You should have a choice—and at this point, no more messaging should be devoted to vaccinations. Everyone has already made up their minds. And all these people are getting infected. It’s quite clear now that this isn’t a pandemic of the unvaccinated. The vaccinated are getting it. They’re spreading it. It’s like the flu. You get the flu vaccine to reduce your chances of death or severe illness, but you can still get it. It will be the same with COVID. Get used to it. It’s here to stay and the deep dive The New York Times did shows that Omicron is no different than any other winter-based pathogen we face annually. Yeah, I can’t believe that was allowed to be published either (via NYT):


The latest evidence about Covid is largely positive. A few weeks ago, many experts and journalists were warning that the initial evidence from South Africa — suggesting that Omicron was milder than other variants — might turn out to be a mirage. It has turned out to be real.

“In hospitals around the country, doctors are taking notice,” my colleagues Emily Anthes and Azeen Ghorayshi write. “This wave of Covid seems different from the last one.”

There are at least three main ways that Omicron looks substantially milder than other versions of the virus.

Davie Leonhardt, who wrote the piece, said the three ways Omicron is milder is due to less deaths, less hospitalizations, and those who are hospitalized are as brutalized by the virus:

Omicron instead tends to be focused in the nose and throat, causing fewer patients to have breathing problems or need a ventilator.

As Dr. Rahul Sharma of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell told The Times, “We’re not sending as many patients to the I.C.U., we’re not intubating as many patients, and actually, most of our patients that are coming to the emergency department that do test positive are actually being discharged.”

In London, the number of patients on ventilators has remained roughly constant in recent weeks, even as the number of cases has soared, John Burn-Murdoch of The Financial Times noted.

And here’s the key part that should deliver a shot of calm into everyone’s system [emphasis mine]:


Before Omicron, a typical vaccinated 75-year-old who contracted Covid had a roughly similar risk of death — around 1 in 200 — as a typical 75-year-old who contracted the flu. (Here are the details behind that calculation, which is based on an academic study.)

Omicron has changed the calculation. Because it is milder than earlier versions of the virus, Covid now appears to present less threat to most vaccinated elderly people than the annual flu does.

The flu, of course, does present risk for the elderly. And the sheer size of the Omicron surge may argue for caution over the next few weeks. But the combination of vaccines and Omicron’s apparent mildness means that, for an individual, Covid increasingly resembles the kind of health risk that people accept every day.

As Ed noted over at Hot Air, we also have a slew of other therapeutics that help deal with the symptoms of COVID. Everyone needs to stop fearing this virus that has a 99 percent survivability rate. This isn’t Stephen King’s The Stand or Station Eleven, thank God. The fear porn the experts manufactured for 18 months or so has done lasting damage to everyone. They also have no credibility. The CDC’s latest tweak to the isolation period caused liberal America to riot. The science community was not fitting their narrative on COVID that gave legitimacy to hysterics and authoritarian lockdowns. 2020 will be known as the year when the expert community sacrificed everything to get political. 


I think the stigma is also another huge hurdle we must overcome. This was never an issue until liberals made it the new scarlet letter. They mocked those who died from COVID when the vaccines rolled out. They mocked red states for getting COVID outbreaks as well. Now, there are outbreaks everywhere. Liberal America thought they couldn’t catch an airborne virus. That’s how deep their arrogance courses through the veins of these clowns. Now, they’re getting it after following all the protocols of Emperor Fauci. You’re not special just because you voted for Biden. It makes you a total idiot—but it never offered you a blanket of protection from COVID. Biden promised to shut down the virus. We’re seeing a record number of infections. Soon, more people will have died from COVID under Biden than Trump. And this comes after 2020 was spent blaming Trump for everything COVID. Will Biden endure the same brutal media treatment? Probably not—but he should. He should resign since his brain has become oatmeal. 

Liberals have made COVID worse with their fear theater, hysterics, and attaching stigma to this thing when it never existed. Even when good news is delivered, it’s treated like another chapter in the apocalypse. The Left’s allies in the media must keep their audience happy, so they also peddle nonstop panic.

H/T HotAir

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