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Insane Lines at COVID Testing Sites in Australia Lead to People Pooping and Peeing All Over the Place

AP Photo/Brittainy Newman

Australia became a hermit kingdom. It closed its borders. It violated the rights of its citizens. Its lawmakers were die-hard adherents to the widely unrealistic "COVID ZERO" policy, which aims to shut down the virus' spread no matter what. For months, the insane intrusion into the lives of Australians did yield close to zero new cases. The nation hovered in the single digits, but still—the government would not loosen its grip on power. Australia is one of the few western democracies without a bill of rights—and we see how dangerous government can become when people willingly hand over their freedom to fight a virus with a 99 percent survivability rate. The Land Down Under is more like North Korea in many regards. And the insanity has no end in sight. 


The nation has built concentration camps. There are COVID concentration camps. It's madness. And after all these authoritarian measures, Australia is going through a COVID spike. But it gets worse. 

Lines for testing are so outrageous that people are pooping and peeing everywhere. So, if you don't get exposed to COVID, you do risk getting sick from other pathogens from human waste (via News.com.au): 

A Facebook group, How’s the Testing Queue, where people share updates on testing lines and wait times around Brisbane, has attracted more than 17,000 members.

“Kind of goes without saying, but as someone working next to the Murrarie Testing Clinic, please don’t relieve yourself in our car park, if you are super desperate at least use a garden tree or something,” wrote one man.

“I know there should be more thought put into queue management and bathrooms but the solution isn’t to pee on our cars.”

One person replied, “That is gross. How dreadful,” while another wrote, “Disgusting.”

Another man who said he worked nearby on Metroplex Avenue requested of people waiting in line, “Do not go into parks and gardens to urinate/defecate. It’s disgusting and I have to walk through there to get to my office because I can’t drive to my office.”

He also pleaded with them to “stay the heck out of the cafe on the first roundabout”.


Testing centres around the country continue to see massive backlogs as skyrocketing cases of the Omicron variant break daily records.

“It’s 3.45am and Brisbane entertainment centre is currently packed,” one woman wrote on Thursday.

“Logan Hospital has already closed the public line,” another person wrote just before 9am.

After Wednesday’s national cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australians who test positive on an at-home rapid antigen test would no longer be required to follow it up with a PCR test.


Other folks in this group said that portable toilets at these sites were filled. It's a literal s***show. And I'm not talking about the lack of lavatories here. 

Concerning freedom, common sense, science, and messaging, it's been a total mess from day one. No one knows what they're talking about. We're shredding people's rights and liberties for no reason, it would seem, as Omicron is less lethal than Delta or the original strain. No one has really died from Omicron. Yes, cases have exploded, but people can and will recover. They'll also gain natural immunity, which, coupled with the rate of vaccination, should only help us when the next strain arrives, hopefully. 

The number of cases doesn't matter. Hospitalization and death rates do—and Omicron isn't causing a spike in either. As for Delta, the US is still suffering the effects of that, which I think accounts for the hospitalization spike concerning COVID cases. It's not for Omicron. And no, kids aren't being hospitalized due to Omicron either, as we've started to finally differentiate between those with COVID at the hospital and those there because of COVID. 

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