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The Problem with Liberals Blaming Glenn Youngkin for VA's Response to Monday's Winter Storm

Ben Garver/The Berkshire Eagle via AP

A winter storm blanketed the DC-Maryland-Virginia area with a ton of snow on Monday morning. I mean, it dumped nearly a foot of snow. You know what that means; everyone forgot how to drive. Worse yet, folks in cars that shouldn't be out on the roads were getting stuck or becoming involved in accidents. It rained previously so there was no way to pretreat the roads for the inevitable icing. The mild January day became something out of "The Day After Tomorrow" hours later. 

Now, I-95 South is a total wreck. An accident involving tractor-trailers caused a massive backup. Cars have been stuck on the road at a standstill for hours, including Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA). There were reports that some vehicles were running out of gas as drivers tried to stay warm. So, who's to blame? Why was there such a delay in the mobilization of plow trucks and other services? We cannot get to that because some folks are blaming the wrong people. You guessed it—Gov-elect Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, was berated by some clowns on Twitter for failing this weather emergency. There's only one problem: Democrat Ralph Northam is still governor. 

Youngkin isn't sworn in until January 15. I guess we shouldn't be shocked that this was the reaction from liberals, who hilariously took buckshot to the face with this attack. If anything, one could argue that Northam, who has worn blackface, checked out. I'm not going to go there because he's almost gone, but this was quite a rake-stepping event for liberals and some of the "Blue Anon" crowd. 

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