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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Oh, c’mon, you all know what issue I’m talking about. It’s the economy. In less than a year, Joe Biden has been an ace at not being able to fix the economy. His people say that it’s better. Normal people know better. It’s not. Inflation is torching the wallets of working families. The war on natural gas will cause many to debate whether they can even afford their heating bills. We have a supply chain crisis. 


Look, Jimmy Carter’s presidency was a dumpster fire, but at least he seemed all there mentally. Joe Biden cannot do the job. His prime minister Ron Klain and his staff are running things because the man is too slow and stupid to do the job. So, if that’s the working environment, are we shocked that Biden’s economic ratings have sunk below that of Jimmy Carter? (via Daily Caller): 

President Joe Biden’s economic ratings have sunk to lower net ratings than former President Jimmy Carter in the first December of his presidency, a CNN/SSRS poll found.

The poll found that Biden holds a 45% approval rating and a 54% disapproval rating among registered voters on the economy, down from a 51% approval rating in August and September. The survey’s results add up to an overall -9 point net approval rating, while the average of all polls taken in December gives the president -13 points for his economic performance.


Former President Jimmy Carter, like Biden, struggled to deal with inflation and economic issues pertaining to American citizens in the late 1970s, CNN reported. The former president had a higher economic approval rating than Biden at the end of his year in office, with a -8 net approval in a January 1878 CBS News/New York Times poll.

However, a November 1977 Time Magazine poll found that 52% of Americans disapproved of Carter’s handling of inflation, the outlet reported. Only 21% of those surveyed gave Carter a positive review on his economic handling.


You know that saying about history repeating itself? Well, are we seeing it right now with Joe Biden? There is zero indication that the White House intends to do anything different. They think they’re doing a great job when everyone else sees a slow, out-of-touch, and increasingly senile executive looking totally lost at every presser that occurs every now and then for obvious reasons. When Biden opens his mouth, markets begin to shake. 

Jimmy Carter lives on…so embrace the economic misery because we have another three years of this incompetence. 

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