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AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

I remember the good ole days when you just went to school, you did the lessons, had recess, and then went home. There were no controversies. There was no “woke” nonsense. Two-plus-two equaled four. It was not hard. There were no byzantine protocols to solve this math problem. Speaking from my personal view, thank God I was a kiddo during this peaceful time in elementary school because as an Asian with white parents—I’m trash at math. I probably wouldn’t have survived. That was the 1990s when gas was way less than $2/gallon and political correctness wasn’t nearly the viral load as it is now in our national psyche. Nope. Instead, we have teachers who have gone way off the reservation concerning the curriculum. I know you already know that, but one California school went “Col. Kurtz” insane concerning the LGBT stuff. They allegedly coached a 12-year-old to be trans, changed their pronouns, and never told the parents


Of course, Libs of Tik Tok had the thread detailing this insanity. If you’re on Twitter and are not following this person, do it. If you want nothing to do with social media, which is totally understandable, this account, and only this account, should draw you to join…because this stuff should send chills down the spines of every parent. 

What is going on in our schools? You know the war cry you see around about destroying public education—this is the reason why. If this stuff is happening en masse, and I wouldn’t be shocked that it is—douse the institution in gasoline and light the match. I’d help. 


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