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ICYMI: Fauci Circled Back to Rehash an Old COVID Origins Theory...And It's a Total Lie

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, Pool

Does Dr. Anthony Fauci know how much we all hate him? And no, just because some coronaweenies in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., love him doesn't make him great. This guy is literally a quack doctor who thinks he wields unlimited power like Emperor Palatine. He doesn't. He's a public official who loves to stir the panic pot no matter what the consequence. He's more of a Sunday Morning Talk Show guest, delivering opinion rather than scientific fact. He's been peddling grade-A science fiction since the mask fiasco. Don't wear them, to wear them, and finally to it doesn't matter what you have—just wear something. That latter part was after it was revealed that Fauci admitted the store-bought masks we all wear don't do jack against COVID spread. Then, there was the origins debate.

COVID coming from a wet market was the original theory that's been dismissed by everyone. It came from a lab. We all know it did. The Chinese were doing gain-of-function research on this virus. Fauci's NIH secured the grants and this thing got out. Intentionally? We don't know. But a ruthless authoritarian government is capable of anything. And what does this guy do? He decided to rehash the wet market crap right after Thanksgiving. Isn't this peddling misinformation? It's fake news now for sure. Our friends at Twitchy wrote about it first

Yeah, that's a lie. Fauci is a liar. He's peddling panic that only helps Democrats maintain these protocols that don't do crap to stop the spread. It does harm to kids' mental development. It does cause a spike in drug usage and overdoses. It does cause a spike in suicides. It does kill American small businesses. Great job, doc. Dr. Death should be Fauci's new name. 

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