Like Biden, Black Lives Matter's Support Is Dipping Nationwide

Posted: Nov 18, 2021 6:00 AM
Like Biden, Black Lives Matter's Support Is Dipping Nationwide

Source: AP Photo/Adrian Kraus

Look, when you threaten to douse the streets in blood for promoting the very same policy of allowing police officers to enforce the law, expect people to look at you sideways. Yes, there are still enough white liberals to buoy Black Lives Matter's approval ratings, but like Joe Biden—they're dipping. No doubt they had a chance to have a wide dialogue about policing. There are bad cops—no doubt. Instead, BLM went on an insane tangent of rioting, looting, wanton arson, and declaring policing as an instrument of white supremacy. Not even black Americans support this garbage narrative. Minneapolis had an explicit "abolish the police" initiative that was roundly rejected this year. 

Anyway, here's where BLM sits with the American public (via NY Post): 

Support for Black Lives Matter in the US has declined in the 18 months since George Floyd was killed, a new poll shows.

The poll, conducted by Civiqs — an online survey organization associated with the progressive media group Daily Kos — found 44 percent of respondents currently support the BLM movement.

It has dropped from the high of 52 percent of respondents who supported BLM after Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis in May last year.

Meanwhile, opposition to BLM has spiked over the same timeframe — 44 percent currently oppose it, which is up from 28 percent in the days after Floyd’s killing.

Eleven percent neither support nor oppose BLM and 1 percent remain unsure, according to the poll.

I feel like this is similar to gun control. A horrible incident occurs, support spikes, and then dips when people find out and hear more about what the left is proposing. The tragic Sandy Hook shooting saw support for gun control soar to a record high and then return to normal, setting around 40-44 percent. 

The same could be applied to BLM, but with one notable difference in the final stage of this public opinion journey. We have a horrible officer-involved incident, BLM's approval spikes, and then the insanity of the rioting begins. Whether white liberals like it or not, everyone wants more police and more public safety. You don't need to be James Carville to see how this is a grossly unpopular proposal. And yet, the left is attached to it like a barnacle. 

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