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Launch Them Into the Sun: Why Does It Take the Networks So Long to Call the Virginia Elections?

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

They didn’t want to conjure up the ghosts of Arizona again, right? Maybe? For all the talk about conspiracy theories about elections and the media’s obsession with the ‘big lie,’ these clowns do an ace-job breeding the very material that causes the tin foil hat crew to mobilize. The irony is that at some level, there was a lot of truth to the allegations of electoral funny business during the 2020 elections. 


For those who were paying attention, you knew when the election in Virginia was over. It was 8:38 P.M. We knew it. Decision Desk, whom we use for our election coverage, knew it as well. Everyone else dragged their feet which means they should all be shot into the sun.


No one wanted to stick their neck out. No one. CNN forced John King to keep tapping that election board to the point uselessly for hours. If there was a drinking game that could be created last night, I would say take a shot every time King said: “underperform.” McAuliffe could have underperformed Ralph Northam’s 2017 numbers—that was the mantra CNN ran on when things looked grim after the polls closed. It never got better for Terry. 

Even when it was clear that Terry McAuliffe had no more runway to mount a comeback within the DC beltway concerning outstanding ballots—they refused to call it. As we approached midnight, it was almost laughable when these clowns kept declaring that Virginia was ‘too close to call.’

Fox News, of all places, was the worst in dragging their feet in all of this. The online services were multiple football fields ahead of the elite media who tortured their audiences with either false hope or just abject nonsense. 

You already know about media bias—this is part of that but one where damage is an immediate effect. It does cause those to doubt the legitimacy of elections and it was the Democrats in Georgia who pulled that first in 2018. 


Stacey Abrams is the original elections truther. Never forget that.

It’s not hard to do the math, guys. When it’s clear that a certain candidate won, you call it. We did. Decision Desk did. Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman did. It was a bipartisan consensus—but Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and the Associated Press waited until damn near 1 AM to call the race for no reason other than to hope that a Democratic comeback was possible. It was not and some of us knew that before 9 P.M. 

Launch these clowns into the sun. 

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