Anti-Trump Writer Shredded for Saying Saudi Arabia Was More 'Progressive' on COVID Vaccine Protocols

Posted: Jul 29, 2021 1:35 PM
Anti-Trump Writer Shredded for Saying Saudi Arabia Was More 'Progressive' on COVID Vaccine Protocols

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You can always count on anti-Trump Republicans to reach the precisely wrong conclusion on things in the aftermath of the 2016 election. Donald Trump broke their minds. Washington Post writer Max Boot is one of those ex-GOPers who fled the movement when Trump became president. He can do whatever he wants, folks. This is America, but we can also drag him when he comes to exceptionally stupid takes, like giving Saudi Arabia a pat on the back for having a more “progressive” COVID vaccine program than the United States. Yeah, he went there (via Fox News):

Washington Post opinion columnist Max Boot was ripped for a now-deleted tweet in which he lamented that Saudi Arabia is being "more progressive" than the United States because of their plans to impose new COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

"People in Saudi Arabia will need to show proof on a mobile app that they have received at least one vaccine dose to enter public and private institutions beginning Sunday, including schools, shops, malls, markets, restaurants, cafes, concert venues and public transportation. From Aug. 9, Saudi citizens will need two doses to travel abroad," the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.


"Words I never thought I'd write: Saudi Arabia is being more progressive than America," Boot tweeted on Wednesday. "Saudis will need to show proof of vaxx to enter schools, shops, malls, restaurants, concerts, public transport."

Oh, he tried to explain the reasoning too. 

“I deleted that tweet because it led to too much silly trolling along the lines of ‘Aha! So progressivism is authoritarian.’ I had originally written that the Saudis are being more rational than the US, and I probably should have stuck with that. ‘Progressive’ is too vague,” he wrote. 

Or maybe you could have just not said anything at all. That would have been optimal. What’s that old saying? When you’re explaining, you’re losing? Yeah, exhibit A, everyone.

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