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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Again, it must be nice to be a Democrat. You can lie, cheat, steal, and commit negligent homicide and get away with it. You have the liberal media that will suffocate any bad story about you with a pillow. There are two separate sets of rules. When it comes to COVID nursing home deaths, there’s no exception. The Department of Justice recently announced they won’t be investigating whether protocols passed by Democratic governors which forced nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients violated federal law. Yet, there’s no doubt this contributed to the spread of the virus and the death toll. These areas house the nation’s most vulnerable population, the ones most susceptible to dying from infection. That’s a fact. There are thousands of body bags you can point to as evidence, along with countless grieving families. COVID thrives in these facilities since they’re also not well-ventilated. 


Regardless, we all know if something, any pathogen, gets inside a nursing home—everyone gets infected. Why anyone in these governor’s offices felt a contagious virus would be any different is beyond me. The Biden DOJ just doesn’t care if their own were negligent in these nursing home orders (via Associated Press):

The Justice Department told Gov. Tom Wolf’s office on Thursday that it has decided not to open an investigation into whether Pennsylvania violated federal law by ordering nursing homes to accept residents who had been treated for COVID-19 in a hospital.

The letter comes 11 months after the department told the governors of Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey and New York that it wanted information to determine whether orders there “may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents.”

The one-page letter, from Steven H. Rosenbaum, chief of the department’s special litigation section, said they had reviewed information supplied by Pennsylvania, as well as “additional information available to the department.”

Michigan received an identical letter Thursday. But New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s office said it had not received one while New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s spokesperson Richard Azzopardi said he was checking to see if that administration had received one.

Separately, the Justice Department last October requested data from New Jersey and New York about their nursing home deaths, and launched a formal investigation into care at New Jersey’s veterans homes after receiving what it described as incomplete answers to its request for data.

This year, federal prosecutors in Manhattan were probing how Cuomo’s administration has handled data on nursing home deaths. The status of those probes are unclear.


Then again, elections have consequences. That axiom cuts both ways. When his people got in there, we probably should have all have been resigned to the fact that no one was going to be held accountable for this preventable fiasco. 

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