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Progressive Reporter's Reason for Lagging COVID Vaccination Rates Will Probably Make Liberals Mad

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Michael Tracey goes after conservatives, sure—but his hate mail bag is usually filled by those on his side of the aisle in liberal America. Progressives can’t stand him, probably because a) he’s an independent journalist who calls it like he sees it regardless of maintaining a particular narrative, and b) he’s an original Russian collusion skeptic. He was with the Young Turks. He left, and now he’s on his own doing some solid reporting that other liberal outlets tend to ignore, like the swath of destruction that was left in the wake of last summer’s rioting. He’s also been calling out the liberal media for their hysterics over the January 6 riot by poking fun at the hyperbole. The myth that Trump supporters killed cops that day was debunked by the medical examiner’s report on the late Officer Brian Sicknick. It was not an insurrection no matter how hard liberal America tries to convince us otherwise. We have moved on, but we’re back to this circus yet again as a select committee has been established to see what happened. It’s just another way to smear Trump and his supporters. It’s not about the truth; you all know that. And speaking of Trump supporters, we’re getting slammed yet again by the press because we’re the COVID vaccine resisters. It’s a bit more complicated than that, as Tracey noted.


There’s a simple reason for the lagging vaccinations. There’s only so much you can do when it comes to telling adults what to do. It’s a fact. There’s no mandatory protocol as of now. There can’t be as there’s a midterm election coming up. Biden and the Democrats cannot afford to anger tens of millions of voters before then, but you know they want to…badly.

Tracey added that for years people still know about the dangers of smoking and yet, loads of Americans still light up

“With vaccines having been universally available for months, more public officials really need to just acknowledge that there's a limit to how much you can control the behavior of fellow humans. Millions of people still smoke cigarettes despite decades of official warnings,” he wrote.


He also noted that 42 percent of the Bronx is unvaccinated, which is decidedly not a Trump stronghold. He also noted other counties that Biden won where vaccination rates are low. 

At this point, liberal America just must deal with it. If people want to roll the dice, let them roll the dice. We have three vaccines that are available to everyone. They’re all effective against the variants. There’s nothing more we can do at this point. I’m a Trump supporter. I got COVID. I recovered from it. And I still got the vaccine. It was my choice. And liberals, the media, and Democrats need to stop acting like the debate over vaccines only began with COVID. It’s always been a controversial topic, especially with rich white liberals in California who don’t vaccinate their kids which is why we get measles outbreaks. 


The vaccine hesitators are having their day because the experts have consistently undercut their own messaging. It’s not hard to see why loads of people are in the ‘let me think about it’ camp since the experts say get the shot, it works, but stay inside, wear a mask, and for God’s sake watch your kids. It’s a ball of confusion that’s the doing of the so-called experts, like Fauci. They got political and they’re seeing what science and politics being mixed in the same cocktail can do.

It erodes the credibility to the point where maybe we should just ignore these clowns for the next generation. That, I think, could happen.  

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