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A Wuhan Lab Funder Emailed Fauci Something Related to the Lab Leak Theory That Should Raise Eyebrows

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

Remember the chant "fire Fauci"? It was heard in the waning days of the 2020 election. Donald Trump teased to wait after the election, but the former president was denied a second term. Yet, congressional Republicans are calling for Fauci's termination, given his waffled path over his ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 


The Wuhan lab leak theory is back. It's been resurrected, but not before the liberal media deserves a brutal flogging for ignoring the story merely because Trump and Republicans posited this theory first. "Trump said it, so we couldn't be objective" is their excuse. This isn’t new. We knew. Everyone else has known as well. You, idiots, are the last to finally get it, so stop acting as if you stumbled on this "breaking news story." You all actively smeared and dismissed anyone who brought it up. This is like the arsonist trying to take credit for putting out the fire he or she started. 

Three Wuhan lab staffers fell ill with COVID-like symptoms in November 2019. The lab destroyed samples that December. New video shows lab technicians being bitten by bats, not wearing proper protective gear, and they were covered in blood. Now, we learn that Fauci and the NIH gave tons of cash to this lab via the EcoHealth Alliance. Fauci said this money was not directly used for "gain of function research," which CNBC noted is the process in which a virus is made more lethal or transmissible to better understand a pathogen as a means of preparing for methods to kill it. When pressed by Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) if he could guarantee that those who received this grant money didn't use it for gain-of-function operations, Fauci admitted he can't be sure. I mean, who doesn't trust an authoritarian regime with a rap sheet of human rights abuses that stretches from the Alps to the Himalayas. Oh, and one that runs over its own citizens with tanks when they protest in support of democracy. No way they would lie; China didn't lie about COVID, right? 


Like his COVID protocols, Fauci is flip-flopping like a banked catfish, to cite another Kennedy-ism. And now, the president of EcoHealth was caught emailing Fauci, thanking him for dismissing the lab leak theory. Mr. Hounsell at RedState has more

It has been known for a long time that Dr. Anthony Fauci has supported the gain-of-function research conducted by the EcoHealth Alliance about bat coronaviruses in China.  While Fauci has been attempting to distance himself from having any knowledge of EcoHealth Alliance’s projects, including those of Dr. Peter Daszak, the president of the organization, newly released emails detail the praise Daszak heaped upon Fauci for his dismissing of the lab-leak theory.

Daszak, who seems to have his thumb in all of the pies surrounding the origins of SARS-CoV-2 (more on that later), sent an email to Fauci on April 18th, 2020, just six weeks after the initial outbreak in the US, thanking Dr. Fauci for his comments dismissing the lab-leak theory.


“As the Pl of the ROl grant publicly targeted by Fox News reporters at the Presidential press briefing last night, I just wanted to say a personal thank you on behalf of our staff and collaborators, for publicly standing up and stating that the scientific evidence supports a natural origin for COVID-19 from a bat-to-human spillover, not a lab release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

From my perspective, your comments are brave, and coming from your trusted voice, will help dispel the myths being spun around the virus’ origins. Once this pandemic’s over I look forward thanking you in person and let you know how important your comments are to us all.”


Oh, and Mr. Daszak has ties to the China-owned World Health Organization, who initially said COVID was not transmissible between humans at the outset of this pandemic. And he has ties to Facebook fact-checkers who were hell on wheels against anyone who wrote about this theory. Even Fauci now says COVID was probably not a natural virus. He also said that the research from manipulating bats was worth a possible pandemic.  

He also admitted that he wore a mask post-vaccination in an act of political theater. Why does this guy stick around? And why do we listen to him? Hit the mute button on Faux Fauci. 

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