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AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Everyone is just being beaten down by the truth today. Dr. Anthony Fauci finally admitted that his mask-wearing after vaccination was political theater, vindicating Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) smackdown of the COVID czar in March. If you’ve been vaccinated or had the infection, what’s the point of the mask if not to put on a show especially when applied to the former. 


In Texas, as Landon covered last night, the state had ZERO COVID deaths yesterday. It had the fewest COVID cases in 13 months. Lowest seven-day positivity rate as well. What about hospitalizations? They were at their lowest in 11 months. Oh, and there’s no mask mandate. The state reopened and no spike occurred. There’s no pyramid of body bags. The doomsday predictions were wrong. The experts were wrong. These clowns said to wait and see because it takes a few weeks to catch up regarding cases. The liberal media was ready to slam “neanderthal” Texas for reopening. You know they could wait to report about red Texas being engulfed with death and COVID. Failed 2020 candidate Beto O’Rourke came out swinging saying that Gov. Greg Abbott signed Texas’ “death warrant.” Remember that?

A death warrant for Texans.

Add them to the 44,000+ killed as he failed to confront the pandemic & botched the vaccine rollout.

And those who froze to death because he cares more about energy companies’ profits than keeping Texans alive.

Abbott is killing the people of Texas.


Nope. Wrong again, Bob. Does it suck to eat this much crap every day? I mean, please keep doing so because beating down liberals never gets old. The COVID panic porn peddlers freaked out. Nothing happened and two months later, the CDC nixed the mask mandate for the fully vaccinated which prompted the ‘follow the science’ crowd to become anti-science as they refuse to take the mask off. COVID is over. There’s nowhere to run or hide. Herd immunity is here. Sorry, liberal America, but the anti-social tendencies you’re addicted to simply aren’t for us. It’s why you’re in the minority. You can be weird. Sure—this is America. And if you want to stay inside, that’s fine too. In fact, please do stay inside…forever if possible. 


Also, when will Bob apologize to Greg for saying he’s killing Texans? I’m not betting the mortgage that he does, but he certainly deserves to be dragged brutally for being a total and complete idiot, like most in his party. 

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