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AP Photo/Ron Harris

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is gone. She was booted from leadership in a quick voice vote, so you know the liberal media was going to weaponize her to "concern troll" in their prolonged attempt to conjure up a fake narrative about a GOP civil war. These people are defending and crying over…a Cheney? We all see through this game. And this will be old news…right about now. It’s done. It’s over. We all knew this was coming, even Liz, who did next to nothing to save herself. 


We also have an economy that’s being eaten alive by inflation and a potential major war about to break out in the Middle East between Hamas and Israel, but what did CNN decide to remain laser-focused on? Want to take a guess? Curtis Houck at Newsbusters crunched the numbers and found the most anti-Trump network was obsessing over Liz Cheney, while half the country was experiencing an issue that hit much closer to home (via Newsbusters): 

On Wednesday, they further showed their unseriousness by spending nearly three times (2.72) times more time over a 12-hour period on Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) losing a role in House GOP leadership than the multiple economic crises facing the country, ranging from the Colonial pipeline hack to gasoline shortages to inflation to stagnant job growth.

From the 9:00 a.m. Eastern hour of CNN Newsroom when Cheney was ousted to 9:00 p.m. Eastern at the end of AC360, CNN spent roughly 151 minutes engaging in punditry masquerading as news about how the change was “a historic day” in America that proved the GOP doesn’t have a “big tent.”

This was in stark contrast to the 55 minutes and 19 seconds on the economy with most of that time talking about the ransomware attack on the gas line that fuels over a dozen states.

Former Obama official Jim Sciutto breathlessly started the 12-hour window with a warning while co-host Poppy Harlow painted a picture as if this would dramatically affect the lives of ordinary Americans

Weekday afternoon CNN Newsroom host Ana Cabrera feigned concern for the Republican Party, saying Cheney lost her job “not because she did anything wrong but because she did something we teach our kids is right.” 

In the next edition of CNN Newsroom, co-host Alisyn Camerota said that, in order to keep her job, Cheney would have had to “sacrifice her integrity and her values and the truth for the conspiracy theorists.” Political director David Chialian reacted moments later by saying this was “inflection point” for “the history books.”


Speaking of something that affects peoples’ lives, CNN spent four times more coverage over the same period on Cheney than the deadly and relentless rocket attacks on the Israel from Hamas with the latter topic only fetching 37 minutes and 27 seconds with two shows ignoring it completely (AC360 and At This Hour).


In all, three times more coverage was devoted to weak sauce Liz than the country falling apart, or the pervasive rocket attacks Hamas has launched at Israel. Gas lines formed this week in a throwback to the oil embargo days. No one cares about Liz Cheney outside of DC. I do…because I can’t stand her, but I also get that a lot more Americans simply don’t care that a congresswoman lost her leadership position. The folks in Wyoming might also be pissed at Liz, but this will be old news soon. Yet, you also see why they’re hyping the Cheney purge. Focusing on gas lines, the Middle East in chaos after Trump brought peace to the region, rising inflation, and shoddy jobs report—it all makes Biden look bad. 

The gas shortage occurred when Colonial Pipeline was shut down by hackers last weekend. The 5,500-mile network supplies fuel to 45 percent of the Eastern United States. Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina all experienced fuel shortages. Gas stations had no fuel. The pipeline became operational yesterday, but it’ll take takes for things to return to normal. 

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