Biden's Latest Lie on Taxes and for People Making Less Than $400,000 a Year

Posted: May 07, 2021 2:45 PM
Biden's Latest Lie on Taxes and for People Making Less Than $400,000 a Year

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Sure, it was a gaffe. And yes, if Donald Trump had a similar moment, the fact checks, media coverage, and commentary would have been insufferable. Biden lied. At Tidewater Community College in Virginia, Joe straight-up lied about his tax plan. If it were true, a great many Americans would benefit. Why? Because he said that no one making under $400,000 a year would pay a penny in taxes. Yep. No taxes forever for most Americans. Sounds great, but it’s a lie. We all know it’s a lie. Just how it’s a lie that the middle class won’t see their taxes go up given Biden’s ridiculous spending he’s proposed. His agenda has a price tag of nearly $6 trillion. Only the super-wealthy are going to finance that fully. What are you smoking, Joe? And does it belong to your son? 

Even Snopes, a lefty so-called "fact-checker," which merely runs interference to help liberal Democrats—no shock—was forced to admit Biden had a brain fart here. 

Under Obama, the middle class paid through payroll taxes. For Biden, well, it’s not exactly a direct tax you pay to the government every year, but you’re seeing it through inflation. I bet you’re seeing it right now when you shop for groceries (via NBC News): 

Shoppers had better start budgeting more for their groceries, according to the latest consumer price index, which shows prices are increasing — and they're likely to keep going up.

The monthly consumer price index, released Tuesday morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showed a 0.6 percent increase in March, the largest one-month increase in nearly a decade. Over the past year, prices have increased by 2.6 percent overall.

Gas skyrocketed by 9.1 percent last month. Since February, prices of fruits and vegetables have risen by nearly 2 percent, and the index for meats, poultry, fish and eggs has risen by 0.4 percent, according to the government figures.

The spike comes on the back of prices that had already risen during last year's pandemic stockpiling and supply chain disruptions and never went down. Consumers are noticing their inflating receipts.

Outside a supermarket in Long Island, New York, John Kermaj said he has seen prices rise in just the past two months.

"We used to buy this stuff for $30. Now it's $60," he said.

This is the Democrats. This is Washington, D.C. They’re going to find some way to screw us over. And nothing is free.