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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Dr. Anthony Fauci is fully vaccinated. Fauci still wears masks for some reason. And Fauci is still telling people fantastic science fiction tales about the COVID vaccine. The COVID panic train has derailed. We have three vaccines. Over 100 million Americans have received at least one dose. Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins says that based on the data, specifically the infection mortality rate, he estimates that two-thirds of the country has already had the infection. Natural immunity is something the experts do not talk about because herd immunity means the end to them telling us what to do. That was never the case. These lab coat fascists never could tell us what to do. 


The entire circus act has been revealed many times over. it’s time to shut down production. The vaccination rates, plus those with natural immunity means were probably near herd immunity. The United Kingdom is projected to clinch that benchmark on Monday. Oh, and an unpublished study by Israel’s ministry of health shows that just one dose of the Pfizer vaccine renders the subject virtually “bulletproof” from infection after four weeks. In the US, you get two shots separated by 21 days. Get the vaccine and you’re going to be fine, but it’s a personal choice.

Nate Silver has been commenting about the so-called fourth wave were supposedly living under right now, but he doesn’t see it. The data doesn’t suggest it. Michigan is the only place where trouble is brewing. That’s not a wave. There’s no consensus, though the liberal media suggests otherwise. Then again, they are a special sect of people who specialize in misleading the public. 


The two words these COVID panic peddlers need to hear is “shut up.”

Here’s what he said in an interview with Health Care Insider: 

Fauci said it's important for all Americans — both vaccinated and unvaccinated — to continue avoiding crowds and socially distancing until we know for sure that vaccinated people don't spread the virus.

Patience will "keep a lid" on cases, he said.


Yeah, not even liberals can defend this anymore. 


“It's pure gaslighting at this point to say we don't know whether vaccinated people spread the virus,” tweeted FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver. “Tons of studies—including from the CDC—show that vaccines massively reduce (though probably not entirely eliminate) transmission.”

Fauci also listed what he’s doing now that’s he’s vaccinated, which is his choice. He cannot dictate what we can and cannot do. Again, the doctors and their God-complex think they have this power; they don’t. They can be ignored, and they should be.
Texas reopened over a month ago. They also nixed their mask mandate. No spikes occurred. Nothing (via National Review):

It’s now been about a month since the state of Texas lifted its mask mandate. To say this was controversial would be an understatement.

Critics of the move instantly forecast doom. President Biden set the tone by dubbing the decision “Neanderthal thinking” that would put both Texans and the rest of the country at risk.


But in the days and weeks since, something odd happened: The number of new coronavirus cases and deaths went down. The seven-day average of new cases in Texas in early April (3,072 as of April 7) is less than half of what it was when the policy was announced at the start of the March (7,253). The predictions of forthcoming cataclysm, confidently predicted just weeks prior, didn’t materialize.


The liberal media were hoping for more cases and deaths. These reporters were ready to slam rural Americans, red states, and mock the victims. Sorry, you have to delete those drafts. Nothing happened—and Fauci cannot figure it out. I, for one, am shocked (via NY Post):

It’s been some five weeks since Texas lifted its mask mandate, and there has yet to be an explosion of COVID-19 cases.

It’s something Dr. Anthony Fauci can’t quite explain.

“I’m not really quite sure,” he told MSNBC this week. “It could be they’re doing things outdoors.”

Daily cases in Texas hovered above 7,000 in early March, when Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the state’s mask rules, leaving it up to individuals and organizations to make their own decisions.

Now, according to the Centers for Disease Control, new cases of COVID-19 are under 4,000.

Fauci noted there can be a delay in how and when cases manifest.

Oh, shut it, man. It’s been five weeks. Nothing happened. 

You. Were. Wrong.  Actually, you’ve been wrong for a long time, doc.

Hey, it happens. I was a bit more panicky about his COVID stuff at the outset. I admitted I was wrong. Why is it so hard for the Left? 

Fauci is in a category by himself because he’s flopping around like a fish on COVID protocols, which has done an exceptional job at shredding the credibility of these people. Get vaccinated, but still stay locked up inside. Do you want to keep those vaccination rates up because this message is a great way to stomp that out? The experts have become…experts at gutting their own agenda. 


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