Politico Does a 'Conservatives Pounce' Piece on 'Pandemic-Exhausted' Parents

Posted: Feb 22, 2021 6:00 AM
Politico Does a 'Conservatives Pounce' Piece on 'Pandemic-Exhausted' Parents

Source: AP Photo/LM Otero

Well, this piece was predictable. The ‘conservatives pounce’ articles are always a good sign, folks. It means Democrats and the liberal media know the flanks are vulnerable. On COVID, that has been made exceptionally clear. We’re seeing the slow retreat of the robust Joe Biden ‘I’m going to end the virus’ war cries. It’s now an ‘eh, we’ll circle back on that' type of attitude. It’s an airborne virus. It just doesn’t stop infecting or killing just because we have a new president. 

I think a lot of Democratic voters had that mindset or at least believed in the spirit of it. That’s ridiculous. Politico published a piece on how Republicans are trying to weaponize pandemic-exhausted parents to their side:

Nearing a year into the pandemic, Biden’s advisers and allies recognize that they need to respond to the spiraling angst felt by families or risk driving them into the arms of waiting Republicans.

It is a crucial test for Biden and Democrats as they try to consolidate their gains from the 2020 election. The pandemic has disrupted lives and exacerbated inequities and a raft of public and private surveys show clear political potholes and opportunities because of it. The coronavirus is spawning sweeping policy prescriptions from Democrats and Republicans alike, from billions in school reopening funds to the creation of a federal child allowance. And it’s prompting pollsters to loosely coin emerging voter demos like “women in chaos” and “families in crisis.”

Within the GOP, there is a belief that the pandemic and resulting turmoil make Biden and Democratic incumbents especially vulnerable among those demographics. Republicans see room to capitalize on the grim public health and economic situation the White House inherited from Donald Trump by trying to put Democrats on the defensive for being too removed from the pain or too slow-moving to address it.


Even as more schools resume robust in-person schedules, the stress imposed on families by months of distance learning won’t soon fade.

“Their proposal buys into the myth from Big Labor that schools should stay shut a lot longer,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said last week of Biden’s “rescue” package.

White House aides and close allies acknowledge that getting kids back into classrooms is a thorny political challenge thanks to its visceral toll on families. But they insist they’re following the advice of scientists and health experts to keep children safe. They have framed their approach as part of a comprehensive, emergency effort to address several interrelated problems with necessary funding.

First, let’s get this out of the way: there’s a midterm election in 2022, and Democrats are, well, doling out some great science fiction regarding COVID. So, yeah, it would be negligent for the GOP not to attack sleepy Joe and his trash bag full of empty promises on COVID. In fact, the only reason why we have light at the end of the tunnel is due to the vaccines the Trump administration pushed for in Operation Warp Speed. You’re welcome, Democrats.

As for schools, well, one thing is clear: it’s safe to reopen them. In fact, this may be the only area where the experts have been right. Pediatricians have been saying this since last summer. At the very least, some in-person learning at lower grade levels was permissible. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said it’s safe. Don’t believe that Biden line that the CDC director was speaking personally not professionally on that point. It’s safe. It’s time. And now, it truly is a race against the clock as cases of depression and anxiety are hitting kids at record levels. Suicides are piling up, which is why San Francisco is suing its school board to reopen. In Clark County, Nevada, a Democratic bastion, they’re rushing to reopen as soon as possible. Remote learning has failed. Is this sinking in for the urban elite or is it fine that kids die? We know how they feel about the elderly. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo did the dirty deed of signing an executive order on nursing homes, which killed thousands, and then had his staffers admit that they cooked the books on the real death toll. In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom, who locked down the state only to have a fancy mask-less, dinner indoors with no social distancing in Napa, faces a recall effort. California and New York are the bastions that represent larger liberal America. So, we have some top-notch Democratic role models on that front. 

This is going to be messy, not for us—for Democrats. They can’t reopen schools. The teachers’ unions control all here. It’s why the Biden administration has had an utterly miserable and incoherent messaging strategy on reopening schools. These clowns don’t want to work, and Democrats need their support and war chests for the upcoming elections. It’s not that hard. This has been the relationship since...forever. Whatever the teachers’ unions say goes and these folks, some of the laziest in America, would rather let kids kill themselves than work. And these folks complain about pay and benefits pervasively. After this, pay and benefits should be cut. Smash the teachers’ unions to save the kids. I’m okay with that.

So, as liberals go all ‘conservatives pounce’ on these stories just know that deep-down they know if something drastic isn’t done with school reopenings, Democrats are toast. Locally, there have also been public relations fiascos. In Oakley, California, which is part of the San Francisco Bay Area, an entire school board resigned in disgrace after their video call, in which they trashed and mocked these pandemic-exhausted parents, was publicly broadcasted. They didn’t know they were airing all their dirty laundry, which gave insight into how these so-called educators feel about their jobs and who they work for on a daily basis. They don’t want summer vacation to end. Well, the science says it’s over and now even Joe Biden says it’s over. 

Get back to work, teachers. It’s time.