Even Joe Biden Admits That With COVID Kids Don't Get It And They Don't Spread It...So Reopen the Damn Schools

Posted: Feb 18, 2021 1:05 PM
Even Joe Biden Admits That With COVID Kids Don't Get It And They Don't Spread It...So Reopen the Damn Schools

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

When it comes to COVID, kids don’t get it and they don’t spread it. I’ve been saying this for months. You have known this for months. Pediatricians have known this for months. Of all the things the medical experts have bungled during COVID, this was the one thing they got right. And now, Joe Biden has pretty much said it.

For months, the pediatric medical community has said it was safe to reopen schools, but teachers’ unions and the lazy teachers in their rank-and-file wanted to stay home and continue summer vacation. Democrats can’t push too hard. Unions are essential players in the party base. Even when some states have allowed teachers to cut the line to get vaccinated, they refuse to go back. They’re lazy, stupid, or both. And these people whine about how they need pay raises. Nope. Not now. Not ever. You don’t work a full year and you refuse to do your job now, so screw off royally. Take that apple and shove it. We’re done. 

This walking the line of wanting to reopen but not anger lazy teachers’ unions was seen in the Biden administration’s horrid take on this issue. When will the damn schools reopen? The mixed messages have been pervasive. Where’s the leadership? Where’s the transparency? I thought the Biden era would be all about this unlike what some thought about the Trump administration’s handling of this crisis. There was much leadership in that regard, plus a vaccine, increased testing, and travel bans but a lot of folks in the media are too stupid to notice anything good especially from a Republican. Now, with their people in there, it’s no different. I’m shocked. It’s almost as if playing Monday Morning quarterback doesn’t work when it comes to a pandemic. Biden promised to erase the virus from our shores if elected. Well, he’s there now and what does he do—preach doom and gloom and say we can’t do anything for several months, but hey—don’t forget to get your shot supplied thanks to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. 

Back to schools, the signs of trouble regarding a coherent narrative here were seen when the Centers for Disease Control issued a declaration earlier this month about schools (via The Hill):

The Biden administration has sent conflicting signals about when and how to expect schools to reopen, with the White House at times appearing to downplay messaging from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has sought to minimize the scope of a CDC study that identified schools as low-transmission zones for the coronavirus and has brushed back CDC Director Rochelle Walensky for saying that the science supports the notion that teachers can return to classrooms before they’ve been vaccinated.


Some public health experts are chiding the White House for downplaying analysis from CDC leaders, warning that the apparent tension could undermine the agency’s authority at a pivotal moment for the virus.

“I don’t know if there is a split, but it was alarming last week when the White House implied that the CDC director was speaking in her personal capacity, because when it comes to safety and what is required to reduce or mitigate the spread, that’s a CDC question that should only be answered by the CDC,” said Jennifer Nuzzo, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

“I found that worrisome because we have to affirm and assert CDC’s expertise here. It’s a particularly tricky issue and it’s important to be clear that there is no political interference and that there is no agency more qualified to weigh in on this than the CDC," she added.

The Trump White House was accused of downplaying certain aspects, right? We all saw how the liberal media gave zero credit when it was due and exaggerated and overanalyzed points where admittedly there could have been a better communicating job from the Trump team. But this was supposed to be a new era, right? In all, I’m really glad that the liberal media is seeing that the Biden and Trump COVID agendas are practically the same. The only difference is that Trump did something to get a vaccine developed, and he got that accomplished. 

The political ramifications of reopening schools, which we’ve outlined, leads to garbage answers on reopening schools. Actually, it’s a trainwreck, as seen with Vice President Kamala Harris’ inability to answer that question on the TODAY show. Folks, it’s so bad, even CNN—CNN—is slamming the Biden administration for being unable to say anything coherent on schools reopening. 

I thought this was an administration was all about science. The science is saying reopening the schools. The data is saying remote learning isn’t working. Kids are killing themselves, depression rates are spiking, and only after Trump has left office do Democrats now see reopening schools as a top priority for…the children’s sake. We have been saying this for months. What’s tragicomic about this whole fiasco was that it was entirely predictable. Democrats are insufferably stupid, self-righteous, and incorrigibly pompous. That’s a recipe for overreach and eating pavement on a lot of predictions. So far, the Biden White House is bloodied up like Apollo Creed right now. It’s also an incredibly dangerous game. It’s far worse to lose suburban voters over this than some cranky teachers if we’re looking at the fallout here, which is the only thing Biden’s people appear to care about. Non-medical doctor Jill Biden even peddled this ‘vote for Joe and the schools will reopen nonsense’ in 2020. It’s not going to happen folks. Reopening schools is now undergoing the circle of idiocy that wrapped up masks. We’ve gone to no timeline, to maybe not so soon, to one day a week, to five days a week as soon as possible—all of this while scientific fact says it’s safe for them to reopen now. This is what the experts are saying and they’re right for once, so of course, the political class ignores it. 

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Meanwhile, no one cares that children are now committing suicides at rates that are forcing school districts in Clark County and San Francisco to push for reopening. I’ll keep on saying it. DC is a town that is killing this country. It always has, it always will. Everyone here is scum. The ideals of the Founding Fathers are no longer honored. We have political whorehouses running the country—and it’s on both sides.

Oh, and when will we get back to normal? Circle back Psaki doesn't know or won't give a timeable. So, the answer is never.