Only a San Francisco School Board Meeting Could Take an Objection Like This Seriously

Posted: Feb 12, 2021 6:00 AM
Only a San Francisco School Board Meeting Could Take an Objection Like This Seriously

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Only in the most liberal city could someone scrape at the bottom on the woke barrel and bring this up at a school board meeting. The city is already renaming some schools because they had problematic historical roots; one was named after Abraham Lincoln. Now, acronyms are a tool on white supremacy, which led to the city’s Arts Department being renamed. It’s idiocy on a platter, but you’d expect this from such a progressive cesspool. That doesn’t mean this is entertaining. It’s incredibly satisfying watching the Left eat itself based on the rules they set up. So, what’s the latest from liberal bubble world? A gay man with a biracial daughter might not check all the boxes in the ‘is this a true investment in diversity’ criterion. 

No, I’m not kidding. The city’s school board was actually debating whether allowing a gay man to occupy one of the many vacant spots on some parent advisory board was permissible with regards to their aim of increasing diversity. Oh, I forgot—this guy was white, so that’s probably what caused this kerfuffle (via National Review):

 During Tuesday night’s board meeting, one of the items on the agenda involved the seemingly innocuous appointment of a new member to the volunteer Parent Advisory Council. The candidate was Seth Brenzel, a professional singer and the executive director of an acclaimed Bay Area summer music school. Brenzel also is openly gay, married and a father, according to an online bio. Attempts to reach him for comment on Wednesday were not successful.

Opposition to Brenzel’s appointment began even before the board officially brought it up for discussion. During a presentation on a Parent Advisory Council report, some board members and public speakers began questioning the lack of diversity on the council.

“They are not a diverse group of parents as far as I have seen, I have noticed and have observed,” said a woman who an online transcript of the meeting identifies only as Tara.

In response, a representative for the council presented a breakdown of the racial and ethnic makeup of the council: two African Americans parents, one Asian American parent, three “Latinx” parents, a Pacific Islander parent, and three white parents. “Currently all of those are women,” she said, according to the online transcript. “All of them are moms.”

Commissioner Matt Alexander, a new board member and former district principal, noted the “underrepresentation of Arab, Vietnamese, Native American folks” and “Chinese parents and Chinese-speaking parents.” Alexander, who identified himself as “the lone white board member here,” said it “seems like the white members are overrepresented on the P.A.C.”

So, liberals love the LGBT community until too many of the white types filter through, huh? Forget that though. The wider issue is much more eye-roll worthy material. Who bean counts like this? Also, “Latinx” isn’t a thing. It will never be a thing. I have yet to see actual Hispanics use this term en masse. It’s the invention of white liberals—and they’re the only clowns who use it. What is it with the Left’s fear or aversion to white people? It’s amusing, to say the least. I think we all know the answer as to why though. At any rate, this is grade-A first world problem stuff. I wouldn’t expect anything less from left-wing San Francisco, but having a debate about which diversity is acceptable and which is not is…pretty in keeping with the unhinged appetites we’re seeing from the Left nowadays.