Another Poll that Should Terrify Members of the Spineless GOP Establishment

Posted: Feb 05, 2021 5:45 PM
Another Poll that Should Terrify Members of the Spineless GOP Establishment

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Voting for Donald Trump’s impeachment and keeping the people in leadership positions who supported this recent impeachment push is going to drive the GOP base mad. It already has. I will not be shocked if Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) faces a serious primary challenge in 2022. While there were reports that at least half of the House GOP caucus wanted her gone, she remained, handily winning a secret ballot vote. It’s a classic case of all talk, no action. Saying one thing but doing another. I know, that’s a hallmark characteristic of American politics, but people have had it. It’s given in to the populist swell within the GOP. And with Trump gone, there is a fear that a new party could emerge. Now, Trump’s political team has disavowed the formation of this “patriot party.” But that’s not the same thing as Trump himself saying he has done so. GOP leadership should be watching. Their base is getting restless with these betrayals, one of the biggest being the failed repeal of Obamacare. For ten years, that was a promise — and nothing happened. No wonder why a new poll shows that a whopping 64 percent of Republicans would jump ship for a Trump-led political party. Oh, and the former president would get a sizeable chunk of Democrats too (via The Hill):

A majority of Republican voters said if former President Trump were to start a new political party they would likely join, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds.

Sixty-four percent of registered Republican voters in the Jan. 28-29 survey said they'd join a new political party led by the former president, including 32 percent who said they would very likely join.

By contrast, 36 percent of Republican respondents said they are either very or somewhat unlikely to join.

The survey found 28 percent of independents and 15 percent of Democrats said they'd likely join a third party led by Trump.

Thirty-seven percent of voters overall said if Trump started a new political party they'd likely join.

Last month, Trump reportedly floated the idea of starting a new political party, however, no concrete plan concerning a Trump-led third party has emerged.

It just shows the squishy GOP establishment isn’t your party anymore. We’re done. The country club is being shut down. You’re out. Adam Kinzinger isn’t going to be the face of the party, and neither will Chris Christie. The future of this party will be shaped by Trump. The base wants it. It couldn’t be any clearer. So, please — keep ignoring the voters. It only increases the chance of a party fracture. Frankly, I think more could be done if the Trump wing keeps at it, fighting to rid the party of the squishes within, but that’s just me. Trump has done a lot to transform the party. It might be best to keep the internal renovations going instead of dropping everything to build a new house.

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But — we’ll see how things go this session.