Biden's COVID Agenda Can Be Summed Up In Six Words

Posted: Jan 23, 2021 2:00 AM
Biden's COVID Agenda Can Be Summed Up In Six Words

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

I mean, are you shocked by this revelation? Joe Biden pretty much says he has no immediate plan to combat the coronavirus. None. It can be summed up in six words: “there is nothing we can do.” 

Okay, that’s not exactly fair. He said, there is nothing we can do for several months. We’re in cruise control, but that’s not what he told America on the campaign trail. He didn’t say we're going to coast for the better part of a year with no plan to voters. It was ‘I’m going to stop it and Trump is at fault.’ 

‘Trump should take responsibility. If you elect me, I will be the COVID killer.’ 

All of this said while he doled out talking points that mirror exactly what the Trump administration’s plan was with COVID management. 

Politico even had a piece about how Joe will tackle COVID if elected. Oops. Drew Holden has all the receipts:

Maybe we can coast a bit because Trump gave Biden a silver bullet: two vaccines. Two vaccines were created, approved, and distributed before the end of 2020, a feat that the liberal media said was unrealistic and could not be done. Wrong. 

Oh, and Johnson & Johnson could have a third vaccine approved at the end of the month. 

We went from ‘I’ve got the plan to tackle COVID to ‘there’s nothing we can do’ for nearly a year quite the pivot. We should all have whiplash from that 180-degree turn. As Trump said, “all talk, no action.” Well, this statement embodies that perfectly. Maybe the Biden COVID plan is an exact copy of the Trump strategy to combat the virus that was out there for months but fell on the deaf ears of the vicious, biased, and anti-Trump liberal media establishment.

For those of us who were paying attention, this pivot isn’t news. For those who didn't, well, I can see why you'd be angry.