ICYMI: The Barstool Fund Assisting Businesses Struggling Under COVID Nears $30 Million

Posted: Jan 22, 2021 9:45 PM

When it comes to people needing help as we suffer through the lockdown regime put in place by the political class over COVID, it’s always the actions of private citizens, companies, and faith-based institutions who do the heavy lifting. Granted, Barstool Sports is not a religious organization, though these groups do more to help the urban poor than DC, they are getting involved in saving the American dream for scores of Americans.

If you comb through Barstool founder Dave Portnoy’s Twitter thread, you’ll see that El Presidente is giving lifelines left and right. It’s not just bars and restaurants; a dance studio in Fresno got some Barstool cash. Portnoy started this effort with $500,000 of his own money, but this is Barstool, and Stoolies are loyal. They also have a massive social media reach, so help for struggling businesses was on the way no matter what. Now, the fund is approaching $30 million. It’s bound to break that within the coming hours. That money has helped some 150 American businesses in the process (via NY Post):

Portnoy has directed the money to 150 different businesses, including the Peter McManus Cafe in Chelsea, where he was over the weekend when the mob of locals approached him — despite his vocal support for the Patriots — to applaud his charitable giving. 

“It hasn’t changed me,” Portnoy said in an exclusive interview.

“I’m the same. I’m glad we are able to do good. The only thing that has changed is that a lot more people are being nice to me. That’s unusual and if someone is mean online, they get drowned out quickly. ‘Look what he’s doing, you asshole.’ It feels good, obviously.” 

As might be expected the venture started with an online dare.

On Dec. 11, Portnoy lashed out in a video rant over governments once again shutting down businesses to rein in the pandemic. “The right to earn a livelihood is being stolen by a few politicians,” he lamented in the video titled “Politicians are stealing a basic right to earn a living.”

And one of those businesses I actually know somewhat well. The Ye Old Ale House, located in the Philly suburbs of Lafayette Hill, received some help from Barstool. The owners are old friends and former neighbors of the Vespa clan during the summer months on the Jersey shore. I was carried around the block often by the daughter of the owner’s family. They’re good folks and got the help that Washington, DC, refused to dole out.

The point is, this is the type of action that’s needed. Right now, COVID relief is once again being debated, but like everything in that town — it’s like pulling teeth. Past attempts were torpedoed over politics; Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi admitted to this. Democrats wanted to better their chances in 2020, so they decided to let millions of families and struggling businesses suffer the economic pinch.

You can donate to the fund here.

Viva la stool.

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