If Biden's Projected Education Secretary Nominee Signed Off on This Garbage, He's No Moderate

Posted: Dec 23, 2020 1:45 PM
If Biden's Projected Education Secretary Nominee Signed Off on This Garbage, He's No Moderate

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Our education system is already in dire need of repair. It doesn’t help that we have the ‘woke’ Left trying to pollute it further with critical race theory and other pseudo-intellectual nonsense that aims to indoctrinate the youth. It’s how we got into the era of calling out one’s privilege and other race-based exercises aimed at curbing free speech and preventing their idiotic theses from being blown up. They know they’re weak sauce. They know it’s not based on real evidence. It’s why the advocacy of this intellectual poison is carried out by the mobs. If you don’t agree that white people are evil, we’ll dox you, harass you, and then destroy you. Folks, this is the liberalism in 2020—illiberal, authoritarian, and totally insane. 

Chrissy Clark at the Washington Free Beacon delved deeper and aptly noted that given what Biden’s projected education secretary pick mandated while running Connecticut’s schools; it makes him no moderate in any, way, shape, or form. I mean just look at who he worked with in creating this minority-studies course he mandated for the state. Ladies and Gentleman, this is Miguel Cardona, the commissioner of education for the state of Connecticut (via Free Beacon):

Joe Biden's likely pick for education secretary helped create a mandated, statewide minority-studies course that "analyze[s] how race, power, and privilege influence group access to citizenship, civil rights, and economic power."

Miguel Cardona, the current Connecticut commissioner of education, played a key role in creating the curriculum for Connecticut's required course in African-American, Black, Puerto Rican, and Latino studies. The curriculum supposedly helps students "consider the scope of African American/Black and Puerto Rican/Latino contributions to U.S. history, society, economy, and culture" and is rooted in "critical race theory," which claims that America is intrinsically racist. As the state's commissioner of education, Cardona oversees all educational programming.

On Dec. 2, the Connecticut State Board of Education unanimously approved the curriculum for the mandatory course, which students will be required to take beginning in the fall of 2022. The curriculum is only mandatory for high school students, though other K-8 school systems are also changing their curricula along similar lines.

Hearing Youth Voices, a left-wing activist group that works to integrate "political education and theory" into public schools, helped develop the curriculum with Cardona.

Yeah, that’s not education. That’s Fidel Castro-light. We might as well dissolve Congress, create Big Brother, and rename the US ‘Oceania’. That’s where we’re heading with this nonsense. We’re already destroying language, adding trigger warnings, and speech codes to ensure people don’t get offended. The Left knows this is the long war. They know which institutions and cultural centers to plant these leftist seeds and how to nourish them. And soon, these folks could have an ally in Biden’s cabinet. One way to stop this is to hope all goes well in the Georgia runoffs and we keep control of the Senate.

It's like these people have never opened a history book. It’s often not very pleasant. For every story about the accomplishments of humanity in the fields of science, technology, and social progress—there’s always some war that blows it all up. If you ever see the movie Fury, there is one line that rings true, “ideals are peaceful. History is violent.”

For all the talk about unity, there is sure a lot of educational resources being used to divide and demonize mostly white people for crimes where they had zero involvement. No white person today can be faulted for slavery. They didn’t benefit from it. They weren’t alive, which is why the slave reparation argument is ridiculous. Equally true, no black person in America is a former slave. No black person right now has been held back socially due to slavery. Slavery hasn’t been legal since the passing of the 13th Amendment. These retroactive political correctness police citations only divide, but that’s the progressive Left’s goal. it always has been. History can be painful, but it’s not an endorsement of all the horror humanity has witnessed or inflicted upon one another. It’s to learn and hopefully not repeat it. 

Erasing it doesn’t make right all the wrongs in the past. In fact, it does quite the opposite. With people unaware of such horror, it’s bound to be repeated. It just tickles me that those who seek to unify the country also want to blame white people for everything. 

‘I want unity, except screw roughly two-thirds of the electorate based on skin color.’ That’s the Left in 2020—and they created educational courses based on these garbage ideas. It’s easy to see the overwhelming odds and cede ground to the enemy, but when the Left takes over a cultural hub, this is what follows.