MSNBC Panel Does With It Does Best When It Comes to Trump and COVID

Posted: Dec 17, 2020 2:45 PM
MSNBC Panel Does With It Does Best When It Comes to Trump and COVID

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Yeah, this is par for the course. MSNBC did what they do best regarding Donald Trump and COVID. They want a 9/11-style commission to investigate. Right, because Donald Trump created the virus, let it run rampant, and did this in order…to derail his chances for a second term. It makes no sense. It's just an unabashed anti-Trump, anti-GOP network doing their job to keep liberal blood pressures at healthy levels and feed the Left's nauseating moral superiority complex. Blue states have the highest infection and death rate. That will never change. New York did a bang-up job killing the elderly. New Jersey is a runner-up. Why? Well, Democratic governors forced nursing homes, hubs for the infirmed, elderly, and vulnerable, to accept COVID patients. Forget COVID. If you let someone with a stomach bug into these facilities, everyone is going to get it. Almost half of all COVID deaths in the US are attributed to nursing homes, places where those who are most likely to die from infection reside. Now, that policy deserves an investigation.

Trump shut down travel from China, Europe, he worked with the military to get a vaccine distribution plan established, he launched Operation Warp Speed to find a vaccine, he increased our testing capacity, he supported the initial round of lockdowns and got American manufacturing to repurpose production to build ventilators. Remember, that was a big sticking point for the liberal media, how we didn't have enough ventilators. That story died fast. We built so many that we exported them to other countries. This isn’t Star Wars, you idiots. There's no blast shield that protects you from an airborne virus. It was going to come here no matter what after the Chinese failed to contain this pathogen. They knew it would become a pandemic, and then they sat on their hands for nearly a week.

And what would a commission do exactly other than re-cycle what CNN and MSNBC have said, oftentimes wrongly, about President Trump’s COVID policy? A part of me wants this to happen since it'll be a massive boomerang move. They may try to suffocate it with a pillow, but the Biden COVID agenda is Donald Trump’s plan. Getting a vaccine made, re-opening schools, etc., is all part of the Trump COVID initiative. So, please, go after Trump. You'll be hitting Biden with the fallout as well.

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It also shows once again that liberal America is in no mood for unity. They want revenge. They want punishment. They hate Trump for a variety of reasons, but most of all, they hate him for defeating Hillary Clinton. She was supposed to break the glass ceiling, as noted by her election night set up in New York City. It was going to be historic. Now, that plan has been pushed back for years, and there are well-known and accomplished GOP women, like Nikki Haley, who have the resumé to be president. A Republican woman winning a presidential race, in general, is the end of the culture wars here. The Left will never admit it, but facts are facts. And if it's Haley, a GOP woman of color, winning a presidential race some time down the line—it's really over. And the meltdown would be something to witness.

Yet, for now, she'll have to wait because I think Trump 2024 is coming.