The Key Word We're Not Hearing from the Progressive Left Concerning These Biden Government Picks

Posted: Nov 25, 2020 6:10 PM
The Key Word We're Not Hearing from the Progressive Left Concerning These Biden Government Picks

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Well, let’s once again put things on hold. Look, Joe Biden still has the upper hand, but that could come crashing down on December 3. There will be a hearing in Nevada, where the Trump campaign can present its evidence regarding voter fraud in the 2020 election. It could be a gamechanger. Until then, however, the Biden camp is full steam ahead with its transition operations. Biden’s picks are not radical. That doesn’t mean they’re good either. For a far-left soldier, this is greatly disappointing. Janet Yellen being tapped as Treasury Secretary may have been well-received by the markets, which closed over 30,000 for the first time this week, but this isn’t the change you wanted.

And that’s the brutal truth when it comes to the 2020 election. Biden didn’t generate a blue wave. Down ticket, the Democratic Party was beaten bloody. They lost House seats. They didn’t perform how they wanted in the Senate which could still end up being controlled by the GOP pending the results of the critical Georgia runoffs. And the Democrats’ state legislature game plan totally blew up in their faces, not a single target chamber was flipped. The GOP controls the lion's share of the congressional redistricting for another decade. All of this points to a couple of things. One is that Trump is not toxic to the GOP brand. In fact, he buoyed some people over the top in these lesser-known races, especially at the state level. Second, IF Biden is the winner after all legal avenues have been exhausted by the Trump team, then he’s on the verge of being rendered ineffective. You have a Democratic House Majority that’s been whittled down to a nub; there’s not much wiggle room for error. And for sure, defunding the police nonsense will only make that slim majority even more vulnerable come 2022. And if things go well in Georgia, a Republican Senate pretty much kills any meaningful push Biden wants to undertake on taxes, health care, gun control, and global warming. By 2022, we could see the GOP expand their standings in the Senate. At the very least, they’re in good shape to keep the majority and the House will be in play if Democrats continue to entertain the illiberal action items of its far-left contingent. This could possibly be the state of politics for four years. 

So, yes, if all else fails, progressives don’t have to deal with President Trump, but their agenda is now further stuck in the mud. The pause button is not available on the far left. It’s not even an option. And Biden’s picks thus far are boring, moderate-ish, and from the former Obama-Biden administration

Yes, the first round of picks have not met progressive backlash, but there’s one keyword missing here: “yet.”

If you’re a hard-core progressive, you’re bound to be disappointed and it’s coming. There will be some corporate pick or someone who will garner outrage from these unspooled folks. All of this behind a backdrop about the national political scene since the 2020 electorate showed that the ground isn’t fertile for Democrats to get the legislative majorities they want. Change is needed, but that debate between establishmentarians and progressives will be messy. So, there’s another wrench that will be hurled into the works.  Like the Dallas Cowboys, give it time, the leftist rage machine will get cranking again. 

I mean, "unflavored almond milk" isn't exciting, right? Unless progressives are fine downing that commie trash because they know something, is in the works that will bring about the changes they want? 

For the rest of us, the swamp is back.  

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