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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It was a rough night, folks. We all know that. We expected this to be over with President Trump easily winning a second term. I was wrong. I’ll admit it. Unlike the rest of the fake news press, I’ll confess that I blew the projections. With that said, we have voter dumps in key states like Pennsylvania that heavily favor Biden. Perhaps too much. I mean, some of these breakdowns have zero votes for Trump. Really? These returns would make the late Hugo Chavez blush. Seriously, I haven’t seen splits like this since Park Chung-hee was leading South Korea, and he was a military dictator. 


Legal challenges are being filed. Right now, the media has decided to call the race for Joe Biden. Whatever happened to counting all the votes, right? Anyway, here are some reasons to remain hopeful.

As Beth noted over the weekend, what is going on with these reported software glitches in key states:

The Michigan State Republican Party on Friday revealed that a software glitch caused 6,000 Republican ballots to be counted toward Democrat's totals. The issue was eventually corrected when officials in Antrim County hand-counted the ballots, which caused their county to flip to President Donald Trump. According to the Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman, 48 of the state's 83 counties use the same software from Dominion Voting Systems.

There are now issues arising in Georgia in Spalding and Morgan Counties after it was revealed that a software update Monday night caused voting machines to crash on Election Day.

Now, Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Secretary of State, said these claims have "no merit" and that this was an accidentally clerical error, but Benson is a Democrat. You can’t trust these people, especially in situations like this. I mean, do we trust PA’s Kathy Boockvar to lead their vote count, right? No.


There are also reports of fraud in Nevada and Pennsylvania as well. 

Back-date-gate? We have a United States Postal Worker coming forward saying there were discussions of illegally backdating mail-in ballots. 

Change of address flags? Yes, there are reports that 132,000 ballots in Georgia have raised “change of address” concerns, which could be interesting:

Look, folks, I’m not going to sugar-coat it. I, myself, have been fluctuating between accepting Biden won and keeping my bayonet fixed in trenches while the votes are being counted. But these are developments that should keep you on the edge of your seat at least. Right now, forget about Trump picking up votes, though that would be nice, the goal here is to discard the reportedly fraudulent Biden ballots. It’s funny how positions change in politics. Post-9/11, it was Democrats who raised concerns about the secretive nature of terror watch and no-fly lists, which they have now weaponized to curb Americans’ Second Amendment rights. In 2020, we’re repeating the Gore 2000 recount position of wanting every vote to be counted, but also tossing those that are fraudulent.


Votes are still being counted. The legal challenges are still not resolved. And fraud concerns have not been fully extinguished. Let’s see how this all plays out. I’m not saying everything is going to go our way. Not at all. We are in a Hail Mary situation now instead of third and manageable to use football jargon here. 

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