2020 House Races: It's Not Over. Pelosi's Gavel At Risk As GOP Make Significant Gains

Posted: Nov 05, 2020 6:05 PM
2020 House Races: It's Not Over. Pelosi's Gavel At Risk As GOP Make Significant Gains

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden may become the next president, which makes me want to chug bleach, but down-ticket was a different story. Democrats failed miserably to retake the Senate. At the state level, Democrats failed to retake key state legislatures. For the next decade, the GOP remains in control of a lot of the congressional maps. Yet, NBC News said it’s a foregone conclusion. Democrats will keep the House:

Democrats will maintain control of the House of Representatives, NBC News projects, but their path to taking control of the Senate has narrowed significantly as numerous Republican incumbents fended off strong opposition.

Democrats failed to pick up some of the Senate seats they were banking on to capture a majority. Their hopes for a big night were dashed up and down the ballot, as President Donald Trump outperformed his polls against Joe Biden in a race still to be decided.

In Maine, Republican Sen. Susan Collins was declared by NBC News as the apparent winner.

In fact, the 2020 House race prediction by these polling experts was that Democrats would gain seats. They’re not. In fact, they’ve lost seats and now it may be too early to say that the House will be firmly in Democratic hands. Right now, the Republicans have gained 10 seats. They are on the cusp of retaking the House. There are 19 House races left. In ten, the Republican is leading. If the GOP wins those races, plus, California 25th, Georgia Seventh, Pennsylvania seventeenth, and Utah’s Fourth congressional races—they take the House. In CA 25, Republican Rep. Mike Garcia is trailing. In Georgia 7th, Republican Rich McCormick is also trailing, but these are razor-thin margins, folks. In PA 17, incumbent Conor Lamb, Democrat, declared victory but Republican Sean Parnell isn’t conceding. And in Utah’s 4th congressional race, Republican Burgess Owens has taken the lead against Democratic Rep. Ben McAdams. 

Either way, the Democratic majority has been whittled down big league, which means no mandate for the insane action items the far left wants to be enacted. 

Oh, and did I mentioned that GOP women have dominated this cycle?

We’ll keep you updated.  

I'll part with what Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger said in a caucus call today. She appears to win re-election, albeit barely, noting that the defund the police and socialism antics could have torpedoed her bid for a second term. She also said the party is heading for rocky shoals in 2022 if they continue with their 2020 messaging. In fact, she said they'll "get f**king torn apart."

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