CNN's Jones on Why 'A Lot of People are Hurt and the Democratic Party' After Last Night

Posted: Nov 04, 2020 1:20 PM
CNN's Jones on Why 'A Lot of People are Hurt and the Democratic Party' After Last Night

Source: AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Look, you all know that I don’t really mind CNN’s Van Jones. I know, shocking since I really can’t stand anyone at that abysmal network, but while Van is liberal—he’s also not a total BS artist like Brian Stelter or others at this prolific anti-Trump network. He did admit that the Russian collusion stuff was a nothing burger. He warned Democrats about how the blue wall was not as fortified as usual. We’ll see what happens in the coming days on that.

Only someone from liberal fantasy land could be upset with the results. 

Look, I think we all knew that Biden wasn’t going to have a 1980 Ronald Reagan landslide performance last night. Biden may squeak it out, and wouldn’t liberal American be happy about that. Nope. Jones said he feels that a lot of Democrats are probably hurt and scared over last night’s results because this is more of a moral victory than a total repudiation. At the same time, he also noted some things that should scare Democrats in future elections, notably how higher voter turnout doesn’t seal a win for the Left. Then again, he did peddle the GOP voter suppression nonsense. He also hit on the fact that diversity doesn’t guarantee a Democratic advantage. Look at the black and Hispanic support for Trump in Florida and elsewhere. Also, Van said what many have been saying for months: you can’t trust the polls anymore. There’s something wrong (via Newsbusters):


“And the fact that it's this close I think hurts. It hurts. It just hurts. I think people got their hopes up looking at those polls,” he complained. Though he was hopeful that Democrats would still score the “political victory,” he was still crestfallen. “There were people who were hoping for a big repudiation and that has not yet come. And a lot of people are hurt and scared tonight in the Democratic Party.”

Several minutes later, Jones talked about certain “myths” that were broken. One broken “myth” he cited was that Republicans couldn’t be competitive when more people vote. “Republicans, it turns out when a bunch of people vote, it doesn't necessarily hurt you. So, maybe you can let more people vote,” he pleaded, pushing the ridiculous claim the GOP suppresses voters.

The other busted myth was that Democrats did well with a diverse electorate. “So, it’s not a census, it’s an election. We’re going to have to do a much better job reaching out to Latinos and to African-Americans in some parts of the country,” he said.

As he was wrapping up his comments, Jones had one last parting shot to take at the pollsters. “Lastly, these polls are not to be trusted,” he exclaimed, blaming them for the hurt. “There's something wrong with the polling industry because the reason people right now, I think, are hurt is because we got a little bit inflated with these polls.”

Yes, he said 2016 was a “whitelash” election, but you know—Van at least says things that many other commentators at CNN dare not say. 

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