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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

As we’ve said before, we’re either going to be really right or really wrong come Election Day. Folks, you know where I stand; MAGA all the way. But poll after poll has been showing Biden with insane leads. Leads so insane that even the Biden camp is putting it out there that they’re not ahead of Donald Trump by double-digits. If so, Biden and Obama wouldn’t be flocking to Michigan on Saturday. Pennsylvania would also be locked up as well. It’s not. Yet, one state will determine a lot for Joe Biden, and that’s Florida. If Biden loses the state, his chances of winning the election sink below 50 percent. Right now, it looks like Democrats are heading for an Electoral College bloodbath viewing the early vote totals. Larry Schweikart has been tracking these numbers. Not only is he bullish on Trump winning Florida, but Arizona is starting to look excellent as well.

And this comes after Trafalgar, the most accurate swing state pollster in 2016, released new surveys with Trump taking the lead in Pennsylvania, and Biden now only leads Trump by 0.4 percent in Wisconsin. Nationally, Rasmussen has Trump with a one-point lead, with his approval rating at 52 percent. For comparison, Obama’s was 47 percent six days from Election Day in 2012. PollWatch is another good follow to clear away the liberal noise regarding the polls.

And there's some good news coming from Colorado as well:

These are suppression polls. I can’t take anyone seriously who still uses registered voter samples because they don’t want to guess what the electorate might look like this cycle. We’re expecting to see one million fewer young people vote. Suburban GOP voters are oversampled due to their hostility towards Trump. Trump Democrat and rural GOP zip codes are bypassed, and about a quarter of all Trump rally attendees didn’t vote in 2016. To boot, some polls have college-educated voters representing over half of the respondents. That’s not an accurate gauge on anything within the sociopolitical realm. 

I’ll leave you with a USC pollster concluding that Trump will win re-election, despite the deluge of liberal media polls showing Biden with these outrageous double-digit leads. 

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