How to Get Triggered UNCENSORED

Posted: Oct 20, 2020 11:00 AM
How to Get Triggered UNCENSORED

Source: Townhall Media

Hello Triggered fans! First off, thank you so much for being loyal listeners of our podcast! Storm and I love every one of you great patriots, and you've gone above and beyond to support us; especially now that you've become Townhall VIP members to get the uncensored version! (or you haven't yet, and we hope that you will! Use the promo code TRIGGERED to get 25% off a VIP membership)

We're glad to say as of today, Triggered Uncensored has arrived! 

Below are some instructions on how you can get it -- if you have any questions at all or any issues, don't hesitate to ask. 

In any podcasts app that allows you to add a show by URL, enter:

If you'd like to listen to it from your mobile or desktop browser, follow this link

Apple Podcasts on your phone:
Open the app, and go to the Library tab. Hit "Edit" in the upper right corner, and when the menu shows up, hit "Add a Show by URL". Enter:

Apple Podcasts on your computer:
Open the app, and open the File Menu. Hit "Add a Show by URL". Enter:

Unfortunately, Spotify and Google Podcasts do not support exclusive private podcasts yet, but you can still listen from your mobile or desktop browser - just follow this link  .... we hope they will support it soon. 

As this is an exclusive podcast for paid subscribers, please don't share this link with anyone who is not a Townhall VIP member.

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