Is AG William Barr on the Chopping Block?

Posted: Oct 20, 2020 4:30 PM
Is AG William Barr on the Chopping Block?

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I mean, this wasn’t a hard one to see coming because the liberal media’s narrative on its face was garbage. This legion of idiots thinks that whoever Trump nominates will be his errand boy on everything. Attorney General William Barr is a lightning rod for that smear because he’s investigating the origins of the Russia collusion delusion that engulfed the Department of Justice under Obama. In doing so, a lot of dirty laundry has been exposed at the DOJ. How they weaponized a shoddy political opposition research document, the Trump dossier, which was funded by Democrats and the Hillary Clinton campaign to secure spy warrants on former Trump campaign officials. There was nothing to the Russian collusion myth. Nothing. Even Crossfire Hurricane, which was the spy operation into the Trump campaign proper, was authorized based on zero evidence

Yet, the Durham investigation, the official probe into the Russian collusion origins, has been a long process. The report will not be released before the election, which I know a lot of people wanted to happen. There has to be accountability to what happened during the 2016 election, but this will take time. Justice takes time; Barr has mentioned this. Still, this probe has become like a human centipede regarding investigations. The Clinton Foundation is now being reviewed, but Trump called into Newsmax for an interview last Wednesday and was not happy regarding the findings relating to the “unmasking” of Trump officials:

President Donald Trump offered a "no comment" on whether he plans to keep Attorney General William Barr should he win a second term.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV that aired Wednesday night on "Greg Kelly Reports," Trump said it is "too early" to determine whether he would ask Barr to come back, or if he would tap someone else for the job.

…it was reported an investigation into the Obama administration found no wrongdoing in "unmasking" the names of Trump campaign members caught up in surveillance as part of the Russia probe.

"I have no comment. Can't comment on that. It's too early," Trump said. "I'm not happy with all of the evidence I have, I can tell you that. I'm not happy."

The Washington Post reported U.S. Attorney John Bash did not find evidence of wrongdoing with regard to the unmasking. Trump called that conclusion "a disgrace."

To be honest, Barr has been one of Trump’s best appointments. He doesn’t care about what anyone says regarding how he’s running the DOJ. House Democrats tried to use him as a punching bag; he couldn’t care less. He’s seen by the Left as a Trump ally and puppet. Well, Trump’s own words just nuked it. Barr is just trying to find something regarding all of this collusion mess that Democrats, Obama officials, and liberal media folks have avoided for years: the truth. 

And at times, given the hyper-partisan nature of this circus act, not every piece was done nefariously. It is what it is regarding unmasking it would seem, but nixing Barr over that portion alone is a bit of an overreach. Let’s see what the full report says when it’s released.